Every Pacers' 2012 Free Agent Option

Obviously, the Pacers first order of business in this summer’s free agency, which started this morning at 12:01 am, is deciding whether or not to bring Roy Hibbert back. All signs point to them doing exactly that. But they still have a little more money to play around with under the cap (and would have even more if they can get Hibbert and his agent to hold tight a little bit over the next week). Some — and perhaps all — of this may go to bringing back George Hill. But they have options.

Here are all of them (ranked by highest to lowest 2011-12 PER) with a brief comment on how they may or may not fit in with the 2012-13 Indiana Pacers.


2012 TEAM

2012 PER

2012 SALARY (millions)


Kyrylo Fesenko IND 29.81 $0.3 25
Arguably the best player in the NBA. Max offer forthcoming.
Tim Duncan SAS 22.60 $21.2 36
There is zero chance he leaves San Antonio.
Patrick Mills SAS 21.60 $0.3 23
Good potential.
Ersan Ilyasova MIL 20.55 $2.5 25
Perhaps the most intriguing UFA agent on the market. With West and Hibbert, could potentially be the best big-man rotation in the league.
Kevin Garnett BOS 20.47 $21.2 36
See: Duncan, Tim
Deron Williams BKN 20.34 $16.4 27
Reports say his choice is down to BKN  or DAL. But if Indy has a shot at a franchise-altering PG they should pursue it fully.
Steve Nash PHX 20.29 $11.7 38
Other than DWill, could be the biggest impact free agent Indiana could acquire.
Lou Williams PHI 20.22 $5.2 25
Ideal off-the-bench scorer, although he may not be worth the contract he ends up getting.
James Singleton WAS 19.66 $0.2 30
Nice little player who could fit into Indy’s front court but probably doesn’t fit the team’s long-term situation.
Carl Landry NOH 18.31 $8.5 28
The best big man, fit-wise, that the Pacers could realistically acquire other than Illysova.
Spencer Hawes PHI 18.19 $4.1 24
Not a fan. Could backup Hibbert, but will probably get overpaid by someone cause he’s tall.
Nate Robinson GSW 18.05 $0.8 28
Goran Dragic HOU 18.03 $2.1 26
Houston reportedly plans to retain him and Indy already has enough middle-of-the-pack starting point guards.
Kris Humphries BKN 17.98 $8.0 27
Hard to root for this guy but he could suppy some badly needed rebounding and finishing at the rim.
Ramon Sessions LAL 16.79 $4.3 26
Wasn’t good for the Lakers in the playoffs. Would be fairly superfluous in Indy.
John Lucas III CHI 16.41 $0.9 29
Was a revelation at times in Chicago and could be a cheap spark off the bench, but tough to have him and DC on the same team size-wise.
Hamed Haddadi MEM 16.31 $1.3 27
He isn’t a stiff.
Marcus Camby HOU 16.25 $12.9 38
Could teach some of the young Pacers bigs some stuff — about the Vietnam era.
Antawn Jamison CLE 16.17 $15.1 35
Tawn is one of the league’s greatest gentlemen, so I’ll just say this: No thank you, sir.
Chauncey Billups LAC 16.10 $2.0 35
Has been fading for years and is trying to comeback from one of the most devastating injuries a player can sustain. At 35.
Steve Novak NYK 15.95 $1.0 28
Every team could use the best three-point shooter in the league.
Gerald Green BKN 15.88 $0.4 26
Will believe it if I see him produce for a full year for an actual NBA team (Read: not the Nets).
Jason Terry DAL 15.80 $10.7 34
Not what he was a few years ago, but a gamer who can still straight score off the bench. Best airplane imitator in the league, too.
Jordan Hill LAL 15.80 $2.9 24
Young, athletic, servicable big man who may still improve. If he’s cheap enough, not a terrible option.
Jamal Crawford POR 15.80 $5.0 32
Like OJ Mayo, Indy pursued him heavilly last offseason. They could use his scoring.
Matt Barnes LAL 15.55 $1.9 32
Not sure he gives you much that Dahntay Jones’ doesn’t. Maybe a little versatility.
Chris Kaman NOH 15.42 $12.7 30
Worthwhile backup center for sure. Pricetag may be too high for that role.
J.R. Smith NYK 15.27 $1.4 26
Reportedly opted out of his deal just to re-sign with NYK on a longer deal. Could be useful in Indy.
Jeff Green BOS 15.00 $4.5 25
About to mount a noble comeback effort from heart condition, but never liked his game much when he seemingly had no risk.
Andre Miller DEN 14.84 $7.8 36
Even when young, he made Mark Jackson look like Brandon Jennings so mileage hasn’t hurt his game much.
Ray Allen BOS 14.83 $10.0 36
No-brainer if he would come over for reasonable money. Paul George/Ray Allen SG rotation would be enviable.
O.J. Mayo MEM 14.76 $5.6 24
Indy has been trying to acquire him for years. Expect it to continue this summer. Great fit.
Jameer Nelson ORL 14.66 $7.8 30
Not sure he gives you anything that George Hill and Darren Collison doesn’t.
Brandon Bass BOS 14.21 $4.3 27
Ideal back-up for David West.
Leandro Barbosa IND 14.07 $7.6 29
Indy has rhetorically talked about bringing him back. I doubt it’s high on the priority list. But he was a spark, so a return — on a good deal — would be better than losing him sans replacement.
Michael Redd PHX 14.00 $1.3 32
Unofficial Comeback Player of the Year in 2012. Could help off the bench. Short-term stop gap, obviously.
Willie Green ATL 13.93 $1.2 30
Mike James CHI 13.81 $0.6 36
Nah x 10
Jannero Pargo ATL 13.69 $1.1 32
Tracy McGrady ATL 13.69 $1.3 33
Sure. If cheap enough. Can’t hurt off the bench.
Shannon Brown PHX 13.68 $3.5 26
I can’t say I enjoy his playing style but he isn’t bad.
Craig Smith POR 13.67 $0.9 28
Homeless man’s Carl Landry. Narrowly out-ranks Craig Smith the apparent NHL player and “Craig Smith Auto Group” on Google search page.
Randy Foye LAC 13.56 $4.3 28
Nice little bench guard who does a lot of things but nothing notably well.
Brian Scalabrine CHI 13.54 $1.3 34
*insert white guy as team mascot joke*
Ian Mahinmi DAL 13.50 $0.9 25
Really fun name to say.
Raymond Felton POR 13.46 $7.6 27
Not fat meaning phat but fat meanting fat.
Terrence Williams SAC 13.17 $2.4 24
Not worthwhile.
Jason Kidd DAL 13.11 $8.6 39
Ol’ Man River could be a good pickup if for nothing else than to teach George Hill to play PG. Doubt he’s interested.
Nick Young LAC 12.93 $3.7 27
Have thousands of problems with his play and wardrobe, but a volume, selfish scorer off the bench is actually somewhat of a need in Indy.
Cartier Martin WAS 12.85 $0.1 27
Sounds like a guy Rick Ross would pretend can rap.
Daniel Orton ORL 12.71 $1.1 21
Exceptional at being tall.
C.J. Miles UTA 12.46 $3.7 25
The only 48-year NBA veteran who is only 25 years old. Can play. Would fit in sorta but doesn’t score much, which hurts his usefulness here.
Hasheem Thabeet POR 12.42 $5.1 25
Grant Hill PHX 12.34 $6.5 39
If he’ll take a cheap, one-year deal … of course. Perfect veteran back-up for a squad trying to learn to win in the playoffs.
Delonte West DAL 12.32 $1.1 28
Love ya, Redz but … nah.
Marco Belinelli NOH 12.00 $3.4 26
Shelden Williams BKN 11.94 $1.0 28
Only NBA skill is trying hard and pushing people and the Pacers already have a few of those guys.
Dominic McGuire GSW 11.82 $0.9 26
I’ve always felt like he’s good but he’s probably not. Tall though.
Carlos Delfino MIL 11.72 $3.5 29
He is a pro. Could help. Plus, sounds like a premium bottled water.
Vladimir Radmanovic ATL 11.72 $1.3 31
No longer a good basketball player.
Jerry Stackhouse ATL 11.58 $1.3 37
Ditto. Also: a Miami Heat fan.
Louis Amundson IND 11.54 $2.4 29
He was invaluable playing out of position last year at backup center. Bring him back cheap if you can.
Boris Diaw SAS 11.20 $9.0 30
He had an excellent year in San Antonio but just seems like the type of guy you would rather see on the other team.
Jonny Flynn POR 11.20 $3.4 23
Perhaps terrible.
Aaron Gray TOR 11.09 $2.5 27
Enormous. The American Kyryrlo Fesenko.
Kwame Brown MIL 11.09 $6.8 30
If he’s cheap, could play backup center.
Nazr Mohammed OKC 11.02 $3.8 34
Same. How is he only 34 though? Feels like twice that.
Jared Jeffries NYK 10.96 $1.2 30
Hasn’t scored a basket since he played in Bloomington. Great first name.
Anthony Parker CLE 10.94 $2.3 36
Ben Wallace DET 10.74 $2.2 37
Should retire.
Josh Howard UTA 10.55 $2.2 32
Isn’t a bad option.
Yi Jianlian DAL 10.48 $0.8 24
Not good.
Earl Boykins HOU 10.37 $0.2 36
Baron Davis NYK 10.05 $1.3 33
Gilbert Arenas MEM 9.96 $0.4 30
Kenyon Martin LAC 9.93 $2.5 34
Optimal back-up for David West. So much energy and nastiness. Would be worth a small deal for sure.
Kirk Hinrich ATL 9.28 $8.0 31
Would be an ideal backup guard. Can play both positions and is a smart defender.
Reggie Evans LAC 9.21 $1.2 32
If Jeff Foster looked more like Issac Hayes, shrank a few inches and wasn’t as good of a defender he would be Reggie Evans.
Maurice Evans WAS 9.08 $0.9 33
Better as an NBPA rep than a player.
Troy Murphy LAL 9.03 $1.3 32
Alan Anderson TOR 8.75 $0.2 29
Wasn’t aware he was still in the NBA.
Morris Almond WAS 8.75 $0.1 27
Not that good.
Mickael Pietrus BOS 8.58 $1.2 30
Could be helpful backing up Granger and hitting threes.
Royal Ivey OKC 8.46 $1.2 28
Anthony Tolliver MIN 8.30 $2.1 27
Isn’t bad.
Marquis Daniels BOS 8.12 $1.2 31
His career seems near over and bad memories of the JailPacers era.
Derek Fisher OKC 8.02 $3.4 37
He wouldn’t come to Indiana at this stage of his career.
Mike Bibby NYK 7.82 $0.9 34
Tony Battie PHI 7.28 $1.3 36
Ryan Hollins BOS 6.96 $0.3 27
Have no idea what type of contract he’ll get but if it’s small enough, a decent bench big.
Damien Wilkins DET 6.95 $1.1 32
Keyon Dooling BOS 6.92 $2.2 32
Homeless man’s Jason Terry.
Sasha Pavlovic BOS 6.78 $1.2 28
Mikki Moore CHI 6.34 $0.1 36
Double nah.
Damion James BKN 6.17 $1.2 24
Not that good.
Bobby Simmons LAC 6.06 $0.5 32
Joel Przybilla POR 6.03 $0.7 32
Thought he retired.
Brian Cook WAS 5.85 $1.3 31
Should retire.
Erick Dampier ATL 5.50 $0.5 36
Eduardo Najera CHA 5.48 $2.8 35
Not sure he has anything left.
Ronnie Price PHX 4.72 $1.1 30
DeShawn Stevenson BKN 4.33 $2.5 31
No longer serviceable.
Craig Brackins PHI 4.30 $1.4 24
Who is this?
Jason Collins ATL 3.76 $1.3 33
There is no way he’s only 33.
Juwan Howard MIA 3.68 $1.3 39
There is no way he’s only 39.
Eddy Curry MIA 3.67 $1.2 29
Brian Cardinal DAL 3.28 $1.3 35
Jamaal Magloire TOR 2.71 $1.3 34
Former All-Star.

  • Dwight Meredith

    I was under the impression that OJ Mayo was a restricted Free Agent. Signing him would have the added benefit of keeping him out of Celtic green.

  • papapapatrick

    theres no way KG doesn’t leave San Antonio!!!? yes!

  • Dwight Meredith

    Oh, now a UNRESTRICTED FA as the Grizz did not make a qualified offer. sorry.

  • Rick

    Kyrylo Fesenko IND 29.81

    This can’t be right.

  • Jackson

    He was kidding about Fesenko.

  • ABK

    Where’s Greg Oden?

  • little B

    I think Humphries is a perfect David West replacement. Too bad he isn’t a FA next year. I am only basing this off how he plays against the pacers, but he destroyed them this year. Made our big guys like awful with his athleticism? Undersized as a center, but if Pacers dont keep Roy for some reason, possibly go out and get him. Better than overpaying Kaman. Humphries and West tearing it up for a year down doesn’t sound so bad. Then find a Center after next year in the draft or FA and let West go. Also depends what humphries will ask for…should be able to improve the bench with a Mayo/Crawford with the price tag he would be.

  • Chris D.

    No one on this list is both available to us and worth getting excited about. It might be nice to pick up a vet with a ring or two. Sort of like we did with Byron Scott. There’s no substitute for having a guy with a ring to tell the other guys how to make the most of their time in the league. Ray Allen or Jason Kidd at the right price. Unfortunately, I just don’t see any game changers for us. I assume Nash is ring shopping this year and is one of the few who has earned the right. I just hope he stays in the West.

  • Zack

    @ Rick,

    Fesenko’s PER was 29.81, that is true. He was joking about the whole best player in the NBA, max offer thing. But apparently, based purely on PER last season, Fesenko is the best free agent available (haha, jk). Maybe he could actually be a good backup for Hibbert?

  • Zack


    Greg Oden is taking next season off (I believe) then he wants to come back the following year.

  • Joe B

    Signing Hill and Hibbert will nix a majority of moves. My hope, though, is that they are able to sign Nash. That makes either Hill or DC redundant, but the Pacers drafted for rebounding in the draft and they need to find passing in free agency. Better shots equals easier shots.

    Grabbing a one-on-one player who attempts to take on the whole defense, with the crop of free agents here, is a losing strategy…finding someone who can create better shots for the players already on this team should be the way to go…also, did anyone get as frustrated as I did that the Pacers could not pass into the post—at all—in the Heat series?

  • Jack

    @Joe B – I agree… I hope we sign Nash, or at least attempt to. I don’t want to lose Hibbert or Hill, though, and I’m not very interested in Eric Gordon (or any other free agent, besides Nash). I wish I knew the exact options we’d have if we went after Nash. Is there a scenario where we could do it along with keeping Hill and Hibbert? I’d basically like to see the same team as last season on the court this coming one, but if we could add Nash to the picture, it’d be great.