Every Pacers' 2012 Free Agent Option

Obviously, the Pacers first order of business in this summer’s free agency, which started this morning at 12:01 am, is deciding whether or not to bring Roy Hibbert back. All signs point to them doing exactly that. But they still have a little more money to play around with under the cap (and would have even more if they can get Hibbert and his agent to hold tight a little bit over the next week). Some — and perhaps all — of this may go to bringing back George Hill. But they have options.

Here are all of them (ranked by highest to lowest 2011-12 PER) with a brief comment on how they may or may not fit in with the 2012-13 Indiana Pacers.


2012 TEAM

2012 PER

2012 SALARY (millions)


Kyrylo Fesenko IND 29.81 $0.3 25
Arguably the best player in the NBA. Max offer forthcoming.
Tim Duncan SAS 22.60 $21.2 36
There is zero chance he leaves San Antonio.
Patrick Mills SAS 21.60 $0.3 23
Good potential.
Ersan Ilyasova MIL 20.55 $2.5 25
Perhaps the most intriguing UFA agent on the market. With West and Hibbert, could potentially be the best big-man rotation in the league.
Kevin Garnett BOS 20.47 $21.2 36
See: Duncan, Tim
Deron Williams BKN 20.34 $16.4 27
Reports say his choice is down to BKN  or DAL. But if Indy has a shot at a franchise-altering PG they should pursue it fully.
Steve Nash PHX 20.29 $11.7 38
Other than DWill, could be the biggest impact free agent Indiana could acquire.
Lou Williams PHI 20.22 $5.2 25
Ideal off-the-bench scorer, although he may not be worth the contract he ends up getting.
James Singleton WAS 19.66 $0.2 30
Nice little player who could fit into Indy’s front court but probably doesn’t fit the team’s long-term situation.
Carl Landry NOH 18.31 $8.5 28
The best big man, fit-wise, that the Pacers could realistically acquire other than Illysova.
Spencer Hawes PHI 18.19 $4.1 24
Not a fan. Could backup Hibbert, but will probably get overpaid by someone cause he’s tall.
Nate Robinson GSW 18.05 $0.8 28
Goran Dragic HOU 18.03 $2.1 26
Houston reportedly plans to retain him and Indy already has enough middle-of-the-pack starting point guards.
Kris Humphries BKN 17.98 $8.0 27
Hard to root for this guy but he could suppy some badly needed rebounding and finishing at the rim.
Ramon Sessions LAL 16.79 $4.3 26
Wasn’t good for the Lakers in the playoffs. Would be fairly superfluous in Indy.
John Lucas III CHI 16.41 $0.9 29
Was a revelation at times in Chicago and could be a cheap spark off the bench, but tough to have him and DC on the same team size-wise.
Hamed Haddadi MEM 16.31 $1.3 27
He isn’t a stiff.
Marcus Camby HOU 16.25 $12.9 38
Could teach some of the young Pacers bigs some stuff — about the Vietnam era.
Antawn Jamison CLE 16.17 $15.1 35
Tawn is one of the league’s greatest gentlemen, so I’ll just say this: No thank you, sir.
Chauncey Billups LAC 16.10 $2.0 35
Has been fading for years and is trying to comeback from one of the most devastating injuries a player can sustain. At 35.
Steve Novak NYK 15.95 $1.0 28
Every team could use the best three-point shooter in the league.
Gerald Green BKN 15.88 $0.4 26
Will believe it if I see him produce for a full year for an actual NBA team (Read: not the Nets).
Jason Terry DAL 15.80 $10.7 34
Not what he was a few years ago, but a gamer who can still straight score off the bench. Best airplane imitator in the league, too.
Jordan Hill LAL 15.80 $2.9 24
Young, athletic, servicable big man who may still improve. If he’s cheap enough, not a terrible option.
Jamal Crawford POR 15.80 $5.0 32
Like OJ Mayo, Indy pursued him heavilly last offseason. They could use his scoring.
Matt Barnes LAL 15.55 $1.9 32
Not sure he gives you much that Dahntay Jones’ doesn’t. Maybe a little versatility.
Chris Kaman NOH 15.42 $12.7 30
Worthwhile backup center for sure. Pricetag may be too high for that role.
J.R. Smith NYK 15.27 $1.4 26
Reportedly opted out of his deal just to re-sign with NYK on a longer deal. Could be useful in Indy.
Jeff Green BOS 15.00 $4.5 25
About to mount a noble comeback effort from heart condition, but never liked his game much when he seemingly had no risk.
Andre Miller DEN 14.84 $7.8 36
Even when young, he made Mark Jackson look like Brandon Jennings so mileage hasn’t hurt his game much.
Ray Allen BOS 14.83 $10.0 36
No-brainer if he would come over for reasonable money. Paul George/Ray Allen SG rotation would be enviable.
O.J. Mayo MEM 14.76 $5.6 24
Indy has been trying to acquire him for years. Expect it to continue this summer. Great fit.
Jameer Nelson ORL 14.66 $7.8 30
Not sure he gives you anything that George Hill and Darren Collison doesn’t.
Brandon Bass BOS 14.21 $4.3 27
Ideal back-up for David West.
Leandro Barbosa IND 14.07 $7.6 29
Indy has rhetorically talked about bringing him back. I doubt it’s high on the priority list. But he was a spark, so a return — on a good deal — would be better than losing him sans replacement.
Michael Redd PHX 14.00 $1.3 32
Unofficial Comeback Player of the Year in 2012. Could help off the bench. Short-term stop gap, obviously.
Willie Green ATL 13.93 $1.2 30
Mike James CHI 13.81 $0.6 36
Nah x 10
Jannero Pargo ATL 13.69 $1.1 32
Tracy McGrady ATL 13.69 $1.3 33
Sure. If cheap enough. Can’t hurt off the bench.
Shannon Brown PHX 13.68 $3.5 26
I can’t say I enjoy his playing style but he isn’t bad.
Craig Smith POR 13.67 $0.9 28
Homeless man’s Carl Landry. Narrowly out-ranks Craig Smith the apparent NHL player and “Craig Smith Auto Group” on Google search page.
Randy Foye LAC 13.56 $4.3 28
Nice little bench guard who does a lot of things but nothing notably well.
Brian Scalabrine CHI 13.54 $1.3 34
*insert white guy as team mascot joke*
Ian Mahinmi DAL 13.50 $0.9 25
Really fun name to say.
Raymond Felton POR 13.46 $7.6 27
Not fat meaning phat but fat meanting fat.
Terrence Williams SAC 13.17 $2.4 24
Not worthwhile.
Jason Kidd DAL 13.11 $8.6 39
Ol’ Man River could be a good pickup if for nothing else than to teach George Hill to play PG. Doubt he’s interested.
Nick Young LAC 12.93 $3.7 27
Have thousands of problems with his play and wardrobe, but a volume, selfish scorer off the bench is actually somewhat of a need in Indy.
Cartier Martin WAS 12.85 $0.1 27
Sounds like a guy Rick Ross would pretend can rap.
Daniel Orton ORL 12.71 $1.1 21
Exceptional at being tall.
C.J. Miles UTA 12.46 $3.7 25
The only 48-year NBA veteran who is only 25 years old. Can play. Would fit in sorta but doesn’t score much, which hurts his usefulness here.
Hasheem Thabeet POR 12.42 $5.1 25
Grant Hill PHX 12.34 $6.5 39
If he’ll take a cheap, one-year deal … of course. Perfect veteran back-up for a squad trying to learn to win in the playoffs.
Delonte West DAL 12.32 $1.1 28
Love ya, Redz but … nah.
Marco Belinelli NOH 12.00 $3.4 26
Shelden Williams BKN 11.94 $1.0 28
Only NBA skill is trying hard and pushing people and the Pacers already have a few of those guys.
Dominic McGuire GSW 11.82 $0.9 26
I’ve always felt like he’s good but he’s probably not. Tall though.
Carlos Delfino MIL 11.72 $3.5 29
He is a pro. Could help. Plus, sounds like a premium bottled water.
Vladimir Radmanovic ATL 11.72 $1.3 31
No longer a good basketball player.
Jerry Stackhouse ATL 11.58 $1.3 37
Ditto. Also: a Miami Heat fan.
Louis Amundson IND 11.54 $2.4 29
He was invaluable playing out of position last year at backup center. Bring him back cheap if you can.
Boris Diaw SAS 11.20 $9.0 30
He had an excellent year in San Antonio but just seems like the type of guy you would rather see on the other team.
Jonny Flynn POR 11.20 $3.4 23
Perhaps terrible.
Aaron Gray TOR 11.09 $2.5 27
Enormous. The American Kyryrlo Fesenko.
Kwame Brown MIL 11.09 $6.8 30
If he’s cheap, could play backup center.
Nazr Mohammed OKC 11.02 $3.8 34
Same. How is he only 34 though? Feels like twice that.
Jared Jeffries NYK 10.96 $1.2 30
Hasn’t scored a basket since he played in Bloomington. Great first name.
Anthony Parker CLE 10.94 $2.3 36
Ben Wallace DET 10.74 $2.2 37
Should retire.
Josh Howard UTA 10.55 $2.2 32
Isn’t a bad option.
Yi Jianlian DAL 10.48 $0.8 24
Not good.
Earl Boykins HOU 10.37 $0.2 36
Baron Davis NYK 10.05 $1.3 33
Gilbert Arenas MEM 9.96 $0.4 30
Kenyon Martin LAC 9.93 $2.5 34
Optimal back-up for David West. So much energy and nastiness. Would be worth a small deal for sure.
Kirk Hinrich ATL 9.28 $8.0 31
Would be an ideal backup guard. Can play both positions and is a smart defender.
Reggie Evans LAC 9.21 $1.2 32
If Jeff Foster looked more like Issac Hayes, shrank a few inches and wasn’t as good of a defender he would be Reggie Evans.
Maurice Evans WAS 9.08 $0.9 33
Better as an NBPA rep than a player.
Troy Murphy LAL 9.03 $1.3 32
Alan Anderson TOR 8.75 $0.2 29
Wasn’t aware he was still in the NBA.
Morris Almond WAS 8.75 $0.1 27
Not that good.
Mickael Pietrus BOS 8.58 $1.2 30
Could be helpful backing up Granger and hitting threes.
Royal Ivey OKC 8.46 $1.2 28
Anthony Tolliver MIN 8.30 $2.1 27
Isn’t bad.
Marquis Daniels BOS 8.12 $1.2 31
His career seems near over and bad memories of the JailPacers era.
Derek Fisher OKC 8.02 $3.4 37
He wouldn’t come to Indiana at this stage of his career.
Mike Bibby NYK 7.82 $0.9 34
Tony Battie PHI 7.28 $1.3 36
Ryan Hollins BOS 6.96 $0.3 27
Have no idea what type of contract he’ll get but if it’s small enough, a decent bench big.
Damien Wilkins DET 6.95 $1.1 32
Keyon Dooling BOS 6.92 $2.2 32
Homeless man’s Jason Terry.
Sasha Pavlovic BOS 6.78 $1.2 28
Mikki Moore CHI 6.34 $0.1 36
Double nah.
Damion James BKN 6.17 $1.2 24
Not that good.
Bobby Simmons LAC 6.06 $0.5 32
Joel Przybilla POR 6.03 $0.7 32
Thought he retired.
Brian Cook WAS 5.85 $1.3 31
Should retire.
Erick Dampier ATL 5.50 $0.5 36
Eduardo Najera CHA 5.48 $2.8 35
Not sure he has anything left.
Ronnie Price PHX 4.72 $1.1 30
DeShawn Stevenson BKN 4.33 $2.5 31
No longer serviceable.
Craig Brackins PHI 4.30 $1.4 24
Who is this?
Jason Collins ATL 3.76 $1.3 33
There is no way he’s only 33.
Juwan Howard MIA 3.68 $1.3 39
There is no way he’s only 39.
Eddy Curry MIA 3.67 $1.2 29
Brian Cardinal DAL 3.28 $1.3 35
Jamaal Magloire TOR 2.71 $1.3 34
Former All-Star.

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