Jun 19, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat power forward Juwan Howard (grey top) reacts to teammates Mario Chalmers (15), Chris Bosh (1), and Dwyane Wade (3) against the Oklahoma City Thunder during the fourth quarter of game four in the 2012 NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena. Miami won 104-98. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

Miami Heat Bashin' Time

Players and Reasons Why I Did Not Want to See Them Win this Championship:

Dwayne Wade

This guy was the first one from that draft class that Lebron James was a part of to win an NBA Championship.  I actually enjoyed Wade for a bit until this season.  I thought he is turning into a huge whiner this season. He called out the Pacers for “celebrating too much” and “trying to be like Dallas”, when Wade was part of that RIDICULOUS before the season party two years ago, where Lebron James promised “Not One. Not Two….”  and they acted like they had already won the championship.  And I hate the fact that Wade loves to draw contact on just about every play he does.  Then he’ll glare at the ref if he doesn’t get a call.  So yes, Wade really turned me off this past season.

Mike Miller

This is a hold over from his college days at Florida, as he was a part of that Gator team that would knock out my Butler Bulldogs right before I was set to go there. Have to hold on to grudges like that, right?

Chris Bosh

This guy was huge in Toronto. Now let’s just say that again, he was big in Toronto.  When’s the last time Toronto had a good player?  Vince Carter? And we saw what happened to him after he left.  Bosh was part of this “Big Three”, which I never thought was a “Big Three”, but more Two and a Half Men style.  But Bosh did play key parts here and there, so I’ll give him credit there.  He does look like a dinosaur, though, and I just can’t stand seeing him hold that NBA championship trophy.

Juwan Howard

Sure I liked Juwan Howard during his Fab Five days, and I believe he’s the only guy that’s got an NBA Championship, and he was in the league the longest.  That’s pretty amazing considering Chris Weber and Jalen Rose were on that Michigan team, and they were two guys that were better than Howard.  But come on, Howard is a ring chaser, no other reason he’s down there in Miami.  I am surprised Karl Malone didn’t show up there or Gary Payton.

Lebron James

Where do we even start?  I think he was rubbing off on Dwayne Wade this season with the complaining and then trying to get calls all the time.  I did give credit where credit is due for Lebron as he really did carry the Heat team so much throughout the playoffs.  But that “Decision” show, whoever told Lebron to do that was dumb.  You’re going on national television to say you’re leaving Cleveland, and the way he said it just sounded so smug and arrogant.  You want to put this into context, last season Kevin Durant signed a contract extension and announced it on twitter.  Sure that’s a big way to present it, but even then you might have missed it with the way things flow so fast on twitter now.  But let’s just stop with the “well Lebron DESERVED a championship.”  How about a guy like Reggie Miller, who never got a championship? Didn’t he deserve one with all of his playoff antics?

Shane Battier

He went to Duke, do I need to say more?

Udonis Haslem

This guy always seemed to hit his shots against the Pacers, so I don’t care for him at all. I think he pulls off this tough guy act that’s he not really tough.

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