Sweatin' Bullets

Sweatin’ Bullets is a recurring feature in which I provide you with bullet points that touch on general observations, theories and comments on the most recent game.

  • Any GM would take Paul George on their team over Jason Richardson at this point of their careers, but there is certainly something to be said about J-Rich’s activity, “been here before” mentality and hot shooting compared to George’s occasional lack of activity, “I’m still getting better” mentality and willingness to settle for threes that he isn’t making.
  • If you told me that I could see footage of Stan Van Gundy showing off his handles in a practice gym I would claim that nothing could make that clip better.  If you told me that the ball he was using seemed to be a an old school red, white and blue ABA ball then I would stand corrected. Thank you, ESPN.
  • It’s easy to become visibly pumped up with momentum when you hit a couple big shots, but you got to love Darren Collison’s enthusiasm for the aggressive defense he has been playing as of late.
  • Chris Mullin provides color commentary and interviews coaches in-game? Throw in the phenomenal Brooklyn accent and this guy is still a triple-threat.
  • Jameer Nelson and Jason Richardson may both be past their primes, but I continue to be convinced they are two guys that you want to go to war with. They are the type of players that belong in the playoffs.
  • To put Orlando’s troubles into perspective: One might be able to tag Ryan Anderson as a “poor man’s Danny Granger” and Ryan Anderson has had to guard Roy Hibbert at points of this series. Neither Granger nor Anderson are qualified to defend an All-Star center. Fortunately, only one of them has to.
  • Shouldn’t Paul George be able to take advantage offensively when he is guarded by Quentin Richardson?
  • Once again the Pacers cushion their lead in the third quarter. This time they let West, Hibbert and Granger carry them as they scored 24 of the team’s 27 points in the period.
  • In game three it seemed pretty unbelievable how many 18-foot jump shots Glen Davis hit. In this game it seems pretty unbelievable how many times Glen Davis has dunked it.
  • All season this team has committed to getting the ball to Roy Hibbert early in the game and gotten away from it in late-game situations. He doesn’t have to shoot it every time, but he should touch it. It’s proven to be effective over time and it becomes increasingly frustrating when he is used merely as a body waiting for an offensive rebound.
  • A 16-point 4th quarter is not going to get it done against any playoff team, even one missing Dwight Howard.
  • Darren Collison: 11 points, 9 assists, 3-for-6 shooting in 18 minutes. George Hill: 12 points, 5 assists, 3-for-10 shooting in 36 minutes. Take what you would like from that. Hill certainly played well in the clutch.
  • A lot of good numbers for David West. The most impressive: 47 minutes.
  • I think the most accurate description of this game is that the Pacers “survived.” Perhaps “escaped.” Regardless they are up 3-1 heading back to Indiana.

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  • little B

    other bullet points to add
    -Frank Vogel’s inabiltiy to call a play that actually gets close to working in a final possession
    -Frank Vogel calling Timeout with 6 seconds left on the possession when Danny had Nelson Posted up (que Larry Bird’s Angry face), then Pacers come out of timeout only to shoot a 27 footer that doesnt hit rim(only GH hick up in the final minutes of the game)
    -was so happy when big baby came in for the final shot after the second timeout for the magic in OT, I figured they would have just gone for 3 there they way things were going for them
    -Nelson coming up about as short as he is on the game winning short in regulation was hilarious
    -If DC could finish in the clutch like GH, I would consider switching them back, but GH knows when to slow the game down and who to give the ball to when the game is getting close, thats what I believe is DC biggest issue, staying calm when things are starting to slip or get intense (ex. 2 quick shots by him and also gave DG the ball who took 2 quick shots in part of the Orlando’s 10-0 run late in the fourth, where they got 5 easy layups on the other end)
    GH comes in slows things down and gets the game back at the Pacers game pace. Then a TO by David West and then a “blocked” shot of DW by Turk later leads to nearly another collapse lose for the pacers
    -DC played an amazing game I give him that, hopefully he continues to do that because the Pacers will need it in the next round against the awful Heat bench