Post-Game Grades: Pacers Destroy Magic, Re-Gain Home-Court Advantage

Well how about that? The Pacers tonight looked like the way-more-talented team that everyone thought they were headed into this series. Moreover, they regained home-court advantage while once again proving that they could really care less what gym they are playing in. In doing so, they pulled away in the third quater, out-scoring the Magic 32-17 as Roy Hibbert sent a worldwide message that this was his game: 9 other guys just happened to be playing in it. Indian now has an 80-43 edge in the three third quarters so far this series. And also, ya know, a 2-1 advantage in the series.

Game Four will be played at 2:00 pm EST in Orlando.

Here is how each guy played individually tonight. Agree? Disagree? Express your thoughts below in the comments or yell at me (@8pts9secs) or Tim (@TimDonahue8p9s) on Twitter.

David West
Spent a lot of the 1st half being double-teamed and not trying too hard to force through it. Obviously a garbage game statistically but he wasn’t as bad as the 2-for-9 numbers might suggest.
Danny Granger
Whaddya know: Granger can shoot after all. After a monster April, the captain had a lot of Pacers fans worried following his Game 1 meltdown and Game 2 clinic in bad shooting. Tonight, however, he was an ace marksman, dropping 26 pts on just 16 shots. TOs not cool though.
Roy Hibbert
His best game, considering the moment, as a Pacer. The 3rd quarter was all his. He blocked shots, used his size, scored buckets and generally stepped all over the collective throat of the Magic. Was a true All-Star.
George Hill
Doing stuff early and hit a great buzzer-beating jumper to close the 1st half, which otherwise wasn’t being closed sufficiently by Indiana.
Paul George
Was aggressive at times and had some very nice defensive plays. He remains a little raw and inconsistent, but the dimes and the FTAs show just how well-rounded his game can be.

Leandro Barbosa
Not a ton of stand-out production despite playing more than 23 minutes. They didn’t really need it but they’re going to need more out of the guy who should be their best bench scorer.
Louis Amundson
Active per usual and 2 blocks in just 5 minutes. But not enough time on the court to make a real difference.
Tyler Hansbrough
Surprisingly very little time after a wonderful Game 2. But that’s probably more a result of Vogel giving West every minute he could physically handle by keeping him in longer than normal in the 1st and putting him back in quickly in the 2nd.
Darren Collison
Got a breakaway dunk for the second straight game. Made shots at an excellent clip, although most (I think) came after the game was decided.
Lance Stephenson
Look who learned to hit a jump shot? Garbage-time All-Star tonight.
Dahntay Jones
Played in a playoff game.
Jeff Pendergraph
Played in a playoff game.
A.J. Price
Played in a playoff game.

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  • The Other Ian

    Without knowing the stats, I’d give Collison higher than a B-. He played his usual playoff pesky defense from what I saw and made several good drives to the hoop. Great game for the Pacers overall!

  • NoLookPass

    I feel bad for D Jones putting all that work the last three years only to lose his spot and then for us to use Barbosa more than anyone off the bench despite shooting 39.2% with the Pacers.

  • Michelle

    I miss the stat line. Just throwing that out there.
    Great game! Watching Barbosa, Lance, Pendergraph, A.J and Dahantay finish the game gave me goosebumps. This is the way we were expected to dominate this series. We look like a team heading to the 2nd round. Bananas. We’ve come a long way. Love it. Go Pacers!

  • BR

    I felt like dc better game than B-. Hit some jumpers, had a couple nice drives, played some good D.

  • Joe

    I just can’t wait for them to close out the series, because their potential series against Miami is going to be so much fun. I haven’t really enjoyed this series thus far because of that game 1 debacle, and the fact that they are expected to win and are under pressure of having to save themselves from embarrasment. I enjoy it better when people don’t expect them to win, which makes a win way sweeter. With the Bulls getting killed in game 2, Ray Allen out for Boston and Horford & Smith out for the Hawks, the Pacers are the only hope to stop the Heat in the EC, which is a cool feeling.

  • El Conquistador

    If people are looking for the Magic in Orlando, maybe they should try Disney World and not the Amway Center! You’re welcome, Click Here and comment!

  • jswid

    Id give David West a little more than a C- even tho he only had I think 4 points. But his presance on the court made a huge difference. The fact that Glen Davis was told to guard West told us all we need to know and everyone feeding Hibbert cause everyone knew Anderson had no chance. West kept balls alive and played good defense down below and also passes the ball very well which I still think fans forget about. He even passed it to Hansbrough to get him some scoring options cause he knew Tyler hadnt done much and was trying to boost his confedence. DC deserved at least a B+ His defense this series has been great for the second unit

  • other mike


  • little B

    Great game Pacers. Keep it up. Win these two next games. That way you can say you lost the first game so your fans could see you up close and personel win your first playoff series since 2005!!!

  • Realist1234

    We need to cut Barbosa’s minutes and give them to Dahntay. Why has the 2nd unit faltered every 2nd quarter? Because they lack leadership. Dahntay is their leader and without him on the floor they don’t bring the same perimeter defense and outside shooting.

    Barbosa can “create his own shot” which is a basketball euphemism for, “we can be lazy and not run an offense, just give him the ball and everyone else stand around”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have another ballhandler on the floor, but he’s now shooting 33% FG through 3 games. What’s the point in creating his own shots if they’re bad ones?

  • poot

    agree. Dahntay needs some run

    i mean this guy was the #1 defensive option against Kobe in his prime (2009 WCF)

    and his corner 3… money