What Should We Call This Guy? Searching for a New Nickname for Leandro Barbosa

Watch out Tebow and Jeremy Lin, Barbosa-mania is sweeping the country. Well, at least it’s created a very small buzz amongst Pacer fans. The newest edition of the team made an impressive debut in Indiana by scoring an efficient 12 points against the Clippers. He has had his share of struggles as well but he helped spark the team’s huge win over the Heat by hitting multiple three-pointers in the second half and had a nice 14-point outing against his former team on Monday.

Many fans were unsure exactly what Leandro would bring when the trade was announcer, but Barbosa has now proven that he can still be a useful scorer off the bench going forward for a good team.

And what better way to help fans connect with a new back-up guard then to try to establish a good nickname for Mr. Barbosa. So I’ll throw a couple suggestions out there and we’ll see if anything sticks. Also, if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to throw them in the comments.

The Brazilian Blur

All right, I didn’t come up with this one. Barbosa has had this nickname for most of his career due to his Brazilian decent and his blistering speed. It definitely fits him. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t really suggest a new beginning. Sure, the Brazilian Blur was the talk of the NBA in 2007 when he won the Sixth Man of the Year Award, but his relevancy sort of dropped off (perhaps unfairly) as the Suns started to lose all their good players other than Steve Nash. Not to mention his most recent stint in Toronto where, in my opinion, nicknames go to die. Two years in Toronto and we might all forget who Jeremy Lin is.

Part of me wants something fresh for Leandro for his return to basketball relevancy. Maybe if I heard announcers saying things like, “Ladies and gentlemen, the Brazilian Blur is back,” after a drive to the basket then I might be able toget on board with it.

Little Leandro

This is another one that I didn’t make up. “Leandrinho” is the nickname that he was so graciously anointed with in Brazil, which translates directly to Little Leandro. Got to appreciate the fact that his home land awarded him with a seemingly condescending nickname. Also, Barbosa is 6’3″. Last time I checked that’s not very little. Are the people in Brazil just incredibly tall and no one told me? If Leandro is “little” I can only imagine what they would call me.

The main problem I have with calling him little is that he isn’t even the smallest player on the team. What does that say about the players even shorter than him? If Barbosa is “Little Leandro” what does that make Darren Collison? “Diminutive Darren?”

Not Boris Diaw

It might be easy to associate Leandro Barbosa with Boris Diaw. They were teammates. They are both foreign-born players. They both enjoyed their best seasons while Steve Nash was their point guard. They were both traded from Phoenix to struggling franchises.

But Leandro Barbosa is not Boris Diaw. Leandro Barbosa remained committed to the sport of basketball in the past couple years. Leandro Barbosa also stayed in shape. Boris Diaw got fat. I mean, Boris Diaw got really fat. He was also recently bought out by the Bobcats. How often do you hear the words “bought out by the Bobcats?” Being released from the Bobcats is like being the meat that gets thrown out at Taco Bell because it’s too low-quality. That out of shape.

So I think “Not Boris Diaw” could work. We could call him “NBD” for short. Imagine Barbosa scoring off a screen and then being able to say, “that was so NBD.”

LB 500

I dont know, it kind of sounds like Indy 500. And, you know, he’s really fast. It’s kind of a stretch. At least I’m trying …

B.O.B. (Barbosa Off the Bench)

I’ll be honest, I like this one mainly because of the potential of blasting a B.O.B. song in the arena every time Leandro checks into the game. I think one of the coolest things about baseball is player’s at-bat music. There are so many good B.O.B. songs to choose from. There could be a different one for each quarter.

A good sixth man is supposed to come into the game and provide a jolt of offensive energy a la Jason Terry (who himself has the acronym nickname J.E.T., which he embraces by imitating an airplane). Imagine if you are sitting at the arena through the sometimes dull moments of the second quarter when all of a sudden “Airplanes” starts blaring and the PA announcer says, “And now checking into the game, LEANDROOOOOO BAAAAAAARRRRRBOOOOOOOSAAAAAA.” Boom, you’re back into the game and ready to see Barbosa take it to the rim.

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  • http://www.theshortfuse.com Brohan Cruyff

    I don’t see any reason to look farther than Leandrinho. It doesn’t necessarily imply short stature, it’s just a nickname of affection (Ronaldinho, for example, is 6’0″, which is pretty big for a soccer player). It sounds awesome. It evokes his heritage without just calling him That Brazilian Dude. Hell, it’s in his Twitter handle.

    It’s perfect.

  • adam


  • http://PacersCenter.com Joe

    Out of the list above, I like B.O.B. the best.

    But Brazlian Blur is the best I think.

  • Jordan

    the Lean mean Barbosa machine

    Leandro the Barbarian

    The Demon Barber of Penn Street

  • thejoshbaker

    We should just use the nickname he already has, “Leandrinho.” It’s awesome and fun to say.

  • 7IHd

    Captain Barbosa

  • other mike

    7lHd – i hope to all heck he comes back and he’s a captain next year – because there is no better nickname than that.

  • little B

    The Great Barbino

  • Mike

    He should definitely just go down to one name like most Brazilian soccer stars. Just put “Leandro” on his jersey. Similar to Nene.

  • poot

    boris diaw’s left boob

  • http://indysportsbarn.wordpress.com Gavin

    maybe speedy gonzalez? That could be racist so let’s just keep Brazilian Blur!

  • dwain

    Brazilian Bomber

    Bronze Bomber



    the Curl (for that sweeping layup move of his)


  • iwantarogerbrownjersey

    LB 500…for the love of god please not B.O.B.

  • Brandon

    I will call him captain barbosa forever. pirates of the caribbean is all i think of when i hear leandro’s name

  • gregor t.

    Leandro “Stroker” Barbosa! Like a sudden blow with an axe!

  • Mike

    The One Man Fastbreak.

  • Vic Soncini

    For us, Brazilians, names in diminutive, as “Leandrinho”, shows affection to that person. It’s not related to his size. Anyway, for basketball standards, he is not that big, right?

    “Leandrinho” or “The Blur” are the nicknames I like. Althought “Leandrinho” in English is kinda weird… lol!! This “-nh” sounds like italian word “GN”occhi (type of delicious pasta), or like Leandrinho’s former Toronto’s colleague, Andrea Bar”GN”ani.

  • br

    His last name is all the nickname you need.

    Eddie White says it best….


  • Jeremy

    For his love of finger roll layups, we should dub him LeandRoll

  • Paulo Borges

    As a brazilian Pacers fan, I’ll always call him Leandrinho.
    Is pretty funny the fact of him being called Leandrinho…most of the nick names in Brazil came because of the players age or experience.

    Nene stands for Baby
    Rafael Araujo (the Brazilian bust) was also known as Baby Araujo
    A future brazilian on the NBA Draft is known as Lucas Bebe (Baby)

    In fact, basketball in Brazil (and many other countries) is quite different than US, there is little investiment in developing young talent, there is no such thing as tournaments envolving high schools or college…that’s why it’s rare to find good prospects when the sport doesn’t have the government or the people’s attention and can’t even pay enough.

    That’s the reason why so many players go pro just by getting tested by professional teams.
    A good example of that is that all of the players I mentioned above are big men, but when they started at pro basketball most of the players on the teams were veterans, so instead of being called rookies, they where the kids…the babies.

    Enough of that!

    A usal name for the fastest soccer players in Brazil is “Filho do Vento”…the translation of that is “Wind Son”.

    So I think WIND SON or WINDSON could be a funny nickname to my fellow countryman.

  • NoLookPass

    The Brazilian Black Hole