Sweatin' Bullets: What Else Rhymes With Lester?

Sweatin’ Bullets is a recurring feature in which I provide you with some bullet points about  general theories, comments and observations dealing with the most recent game.

  • How do we create excitement during a two-game stretch against the same lottery-bound team? Bad jokes and random observations by yours truly will have to do.
  • Effort can be an issue against bad teams for the Pacers. When Granger brings the hustle, the rest of the team usually follows suit. Early in this one Granger set the tone, not just hitting shots, but moving without the ball and playing defense. Unfortunately neither Granger or the rest of the team maintained it for 48 minutes.
  • Shouldn’t Omri Casspi have to get at least 20 minutes per game to be able to have the same role as Serge Ibaka in a Sprite commercial?
  • Every time I’ve seen Antawn Jamison score a bucket in a Cavs’ jersey since Lebron left I’ve thought to myself, “Ahh, poor guy, good for him.”
  • So when you’re Brazilian do people not talk about your mustache? Brazilian Blur? More like Brazilian Burt Reynolds. Am I right? #MustacheJokes #SlowGame #WaitThisIsn’taTweet
  • 163 NBA injuries later… “Walton! Luke! Yeah, you. You’re in.”
  • Roy Hibbert’s got the post moves … it would just be nice if he could execute them about 17% faster.
  • Watching David West and Antawn Jamison guard each other is something to be appreciated; both veterans, both true professionals and both have a variety of crafty ways to score the ball.
  • If Lester Hudson and Donald Sloan are trying to blow up like Jeremy Lin then their names aren’t doing them any favors. Puns are crucial and all mine seem to come back to the words “molester” and “groan.”
  • The third quarter of this game was really, really uneventful. Louis Amundson had a nice block. Leandro Barbosa hit a couple 3s. Not much else …
  • That Samardo Sanders/Manny Harris/Lester Hudson-fueled run in the fourth brought back shades of the Boobie Gibson/Drew Gooden/Larry Hughes era of 2007. I still remember the days when those three carried a young Lebron James to the finals.
  • I’m normally a Roy Hibbert defender, but in a game like this Roy has got to remind the Cavs how badly they wish they had a player like him. I don’t know how many times that crossed the mind of many Cleveland fans tonight.
  • Sometimes when you’re in jeopardy of losing to an inferior team on the road you just have to look each other in the face and say, “This team played Luke Walton in the fourth quarter. We’re better than this.”
  • Needless to say, the Pacers were not exactly sharp in this game, but it would be unfair to not give credit to the Cavaliers and the hustle they brought to this game.
  • The clutch free throws are an issue, but last Sunday Derrick Rose missed two crucial late free throws that cost the Bulls the game against the Knicks for whatever that’s worth. Besides, Hill and Collison are good free-throw shooters in general. It’s more likely to become a mental thing if we keep talking about it so keep it to a whisper, please.

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  • Zach Winningham

    Love Sweatin B’s! Man, we really need Orlando to make a run here or Atl to take a dive cause we do not want to face them first round..

  • Derek U

    “If Lester Hudson and Donald Sloan are trying to blow up like Jeremy Lin then their names aren’t doing them any favors. Puns are crucial and all mine seem to come back to the words “molester” and “groan.” – Hilarious!

    I agree Zach, definitly don’t want to see Atlanta OR Orlando, but that’s what it’s going to be… Pacers need to show their grit and prove they belong in the second round.

  • Realist

    I think I’ll be happy with Orlando. Atlanta seem to have our number.

  • little B

    Really both teams have our number, but the Pacers just need to prove why they are 3rd in the east for a reason. But I don’t know if I could answer the question on which team I would rather see them face:
    Not sure if I would want to see Howard and Nelson run PnR all night and see Dwight have about 12 uncontested dunks like he did in the 4 meetings the Pacers had with the Magic this year. Who can match up to Howard though?(Sorry Hib, he is just alot faster than you.)
    Also not sure if I would want to see the more athletic team of the ATL, which the Pacers tend to have trouble with. Johnson, Smith, (Horford?) and Fing ZAZA. But I think Vogel knows how to change the lineup know to match that.
    It will just be awesome to see the Pacers finish the season strong and get the 3 seed and have a good first round of the playoffs.

  • Mike

    Don’t forget that we are going into these playoffs with a slew of players who have been there before. It’ll be a different ballgame than last year. These end-of-season crapfests against teams playing like these games are their playoffs don’t mean (hardly) anything outside of getting the W.

  • Chris D.

    I love to watch those away games on LBPP when I get a chance. It reminds me of what a good home crowd looks like!

  • Aaron

    Stop the hate on Luke Walton! Don’t you know he’s the best player in the NBA according to Bill Walton?

    Antawn Jameson and David West are what I hope Tyler Hansbrough eventually turns into.

  • poot

    did anyone else notice that David West sent the Cav’s mascot to the hospital?
    true facts