Post-Game Grades: Under-Manned, Over-Matched Pacers Barely Show Up, Get Smoked By Philly

Two steps forward. One step back — and that was even without the guy usually taking the step-backs, Danny Granger, in the lineup. It’s hard to capture the putridity of this offensive performance in a few sentences. The Pacers lost to the Sixers 96-86, but it felt a lot more one-sided. Indy did well on the offensive glass and forced a ton of turnovers early (11 in the first half), but were still unable to convert much of anything on what should have been easy opportunities. They shot a gross 36.6% from the floor, which is unacceptable even without Granger, who sat out with food poisoning, and George Hill, who dressed but was only an emergency body since he was still sore from falling on his back in Saturday’s win over Charlotte.

Not a lot more to say about this one. The under-manned Pacers were run off the floor on the road. The team looked unorganized, chaotic and like a bunch of players taking turns trying to make plays as opposed to a cohesive NBA offense. If I was coach Frank Vogel, I’m not even sure I would save the game film other than to show the perimeter players, who were the anchor hurting the squad tonight, how many good things can happen if you get the big guys, specifically Roy Hibbert, the ball down low.

Here is how each Pacer played during the win.

Agree? Disagree?

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Indiana Pacers 86 – Philadelphia 76ers 96

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  • Tim

    Reggie Noble approves of this headline.

  • David Harper

    I have to say, I find it hard to be too down on the Pacers for this one. Sure, they shot like hell again and they didn’t get Roy the ball as much as they should have, but they lost to a good, solid team by only 10 without their starting small forward and our first guard off the bench. That’d be like the Sixers coming at us without Igoudala and Williams (who just happened to be their top two scorers).

    They still need to shoot better and they need better ball movement, but it’s hard to burn them too bad for this game. It’s not like it was Jonas Jerebko and Rodney Stuckey lighting us up this time at least.

    I’m just happy we’re finally at a point where we can lose a game like this and be unhappy about it, especially when we’re at 6 and 3. This feels downright magical compared to the past few years.

  • Kevin Hetrick

    Nice start to the season for Hibbert.

    I know Granger and Hill weren’t playing, but why Lance Stephenson? Shouldn’t he be in the D-League?

  • Michael Fryar

    Got to agree with David Harper. While annoying to see the team shoot so bad and all but ignore Roy’s dominance down low, the Sixers were full strength and are a force so far this year. Great to see some of the young teams getting it together (Pacers, Sixers, Hawks…).

  • Derek U

    Honestly getting tired of watching “born ready” skunk up the rotation. He provides legs, that’s it.. Someone to push the ball down the court, and body up on someone. He looks lost, and always makes the offense look way worse than what it is.. and his untimely offensive fouls are drive killers. He needs to find his game quick, or find his way at the bottom of the bench.

    And speaking of drive… P.G. Needs to learn how to get to the rim some. Mimmicking Danny isn’t his game, nor should it be. Get to the rim guy!

  • Craig

    Does anyone no why Vogel leaves Hibbert and Collison out there longer than anyone else in the first quarter. Hibbert is obviously gassed about half way through. Why is the biggest and slowest guy playing the most minutes of the first quarter? Big guys need to be fresh! I just wish I could hear Vogel explain his reasoning. Any thoughts?

  • Chase Sterling

    It seemed as if everyone decided to make up for Granger’s absence by jacking up bad shots. (like he has all year) Especially Collison and George. Too much isolation with the guards and not enough ball movement at times.

    Quick question- Why does everyone keep giving the ball to Tyler with the shot clock at 3, when he is in a bad position. I have seen it at least 5-6 times this year.

  • Chris D.

    I agree with Harper above. Moreover, I think with Granger and Hill in the game we find a way to get a few more stops and score another ten points, putting us in position for a closer loss or even a win. Let’s see what we can do against the over-rated Hawks on Wednesday.

  • Vic

    Don’t underestimate the Pacers. Adversity always makes a team stronger in the long run. They will be a very tough contender this year. Larry Bird has a vision and it is finally coming together. This team is totally focused on a championship and they have the attitude to make it happen. Wait and watch it is going to be an interesting year.

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