Post-Game Grades: Pacers Beat Up Cs in Boston

After one of the ugliest first halves of basketball I’ve ever seen (Indy led 33-25 at the break), the Pacers found a way to score some points. The bench was instrumental in the victory and some familiar — but unseen-so-far-this-season — faces keep the team out-playing Boston for most of the second 24 minutes. George Hill, AJ Price and Jeff Foster all showed why many people were talking up this team’s depth before the season started. Even with some regular contributors struggling (namely, all of them), Indy was able to grind this one out in Boston, who tied a franchise record for futility in a half with just 25 points in the opening two quarters. That’s impressive — even if Paul Pierce and KG looked like the 16-year-old pet cat I recently had to put down.

Here is how each player faired during the win.

Agree? Disagree?

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Indiana Pacers 87 – Boston Celtics 74

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  • bk92

    Granger a B were you watching the same game I was
    ?? He actually tried on defense but he was awful on offense C- D+ range.

    Paul played just about as good as Granger he was good on offense but the old vet had his way with him. But Ray Allen is pretty good.

  • Mar

    I think it’s high time for Vogel to run a play for Paul George. The guy can really shoot from afar and athletic enough to convert those lobs near the rim.

  • 2hot4TV!!!

    I think he had a very cromulent reason for Granger’s B grade. Holding Pierce to 3/17 shooting and once again showing up in winning time with key steals, assists and, shots. 7/7 from the line. Give the guy a break, we all knew the offense would suffer with barely a training camp and limited practice thanks to a condensed schedule. All people have done is complain about Granger’s d and unwillingness to drive to the bucket for the last few years and now he’s getting killed for it.

    This message was dictated but not read.

  • bk92

    Unwillingness to drive to the basket?? That just is not true he drives way to much IMO. He isnt a iso player he is much more a spot up shooter. Normally when Granger takes more than 3 dribbles bad things happen. His 2 dribble fade away is the most annoying thing ever. Granger is a very good shooting he isnt a Monta type player and we shouldn’t ask him to be.

  • Nathaniel

    “Normally when Granger takes more than 3 dribbles bad things happen.” – Depends on whether he tries to pull up and/or fade away, or whether he goes right to the rim. The former rarely yields good results, the latter often leads to good things (usually free throws). Especially this year since, on more than one occasion, Danny has dished it to a diving Hibbert/West (not an option in years past). All in all, while Danny’s jumper has been rusty, and he still takes head scratching shots here and there (a hopefully fleeting hangover from the days when he was asked to be the whole offense), but his defense has improved remarkably, and his determination in the fourth quarter has been the difference maker in more than one game.

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