Post-Game Grades: Pistons 96, Pacers 88

The Pacers proved something everyone already knew: You can’t shoot below 40% from the field for four games and go 4-0. This 96-88 loss was well-earned through atrocious offensive execution and nonchalant defensive effort. Feel free to praise these guys for their too-little-too-late near-comeback in the fourth, but it never should have gotten to that point. The Pacers were punched in the mouth in the opening minutes of the game and they never bothered to fight back.

According to Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, the team’s flight was late getting to Detroit last night due to weather so they never arrived at their hotel until 4 am. That, however, cannot explain this. It was an ugly loss that the team hopes it can leave behind in the Old Year as it gears up for a trip to New Jersey to play the Nets on Monday.

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Indiana Pacers 88 – Detroit Pistons 96

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