Post-Game Grades: Pacers 98, Cavs 91 (OT)

The Pacers had their ups and downs in a shaky outing against the lowly Cavaliers. But they won, pulling out a win but outplaying Cleveland in the extra period. For the third straight game in as many tries, the Pacers were victorious despite shooting below 39% from the floor. On the one hand, it is impressive that they have remained undefeated despite not playing well. On the other hand, they have now struggled considerably on offense in every game this year.

Still, a win is a win. And here is how each Pacer player performed.

Express your thoughts below in the comments of yell at me on Twitter @8pts9secs. (UPDATE: Added grades for Lou, Lance and Dahntay, and marked down Tyler.)

Indiana Pacers 98 – Cleveland Cavaliers 91 (OT)

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  • adam

    Another scrappy win tonight. Looking forward to the heat next week. Another “triple-double-double” for our “big 3″

  • Dustin Abel

    I think Collison should have gotten a much lower grade. This is the third consecutive game that he’s been worked on the defensive end (by Stuckey, Calderon, and Irving). Given his efficiency and solid decision making in this game, I would venture to say that his lack of defense was likely the sole reason George Hill closed out the 4th Quarter and started the overtime session. It was only when George Hill took a spill a minute into overtime that Collison re-entered.

  • Dustin Abel

    Also, no grade for Dahntay Jones, Lance Stephenson, or Lou Amundson?

  • andrew zook

    Grades look pretty accurate to me. George Hill looks as if he is having a lot of trouble running the pick and roll and setting up the offense. I’m sure that is something that will improve with more time running the show. DC has done a really good job so far this season I am really impressed with him. Paul George looked like he would have been fine sitting on the bench. It just seemed like he didn’t want to play tonight. I really want to see him have a huge year this season, really want to see him start to dominate. I am just really happy that the team I have loved since I was 6 years old is 3-0 and relevant again.

  • redmid17

    I think you’re giving Hansbrough too much credit. Most of his points and rebounds came from his own misses. There was at least one sequence where he got a rebound, missed two shots, and finally put it in on the third attempt.

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