Post-Game Grades: Pacers 91, Pistons 79

Last night, the Pacers demolished the Pistons in their season-opener. The team didn’t play perfectly, and the lopsided victory was likely as much a result of the home team’s exuberant aggressiveness and the opponent’s general terribleness as it was due to the Pacers play. As a group, the team shot poorly. But that’s essentially expected of this franchise these days, particularly in the first game of a truncated schedule that featured a “preseason” of two exhibition warm-up games.

When we look at the individual play, there isn’t much to find fault with. But we can try

And that — along with praising players who excel — is what we plan to start doing here at 8 Points, 9 Seconds after each game. Below, you can find our first installment of Pacers Post-Game Grades.

Indiana Pacers 91 – Detroit Pistons 79

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  • MisterBT

    Trade. Granger. Now.

    He’s not the “go-to guy” at the end of a game. So, why pay him like one? I’d trade him to someone who thinks he’s better than he is and get a ton of picks for him.

    Who seriously thinks that we’re THAT much better with him than with Dahntay Jones?

  • Grant

    I mostly agree with you, but definitely think you aren’t giving Lance enough credit. Compare his performance on Monday to the second preseason game, where he took 3-4 straight shots in 5 minutes and played lackluster defense, if that. He took only one shot, I believe, and went to the line for it. He also seemed to actually try on defense. While the guy is obviously still a rookie in most respects, with very few non-garbage time minutes last year, I thought that the pass-first attitude and better effort on defense were encouraging. The guy still scares the heck out of me because he has the potential to be a great player for us or turn into the NBA’s Pacman Jones (or the next Stephen Jackson, whichever comparison you prefer). Pacer fans won’t tolerate a return to that, I don’t think. Especially since this team is just starting to win those fans back.

  • Michael

    Agree on all grades. Lance dominated the ball but actually looked like he was willing to try and run some kind of offense. The play where he backed down his man and got fouled could happen every time he gets the ball. NO 1 or 2 can guard him one on one.

    MisterBT – Typical meathead comment. The Pacers finally have something that resembles a basketball TEAM and you want to trade one of the cornerstones. Unbelieveable. Granger hardly makes a top salary for his role. He’s one of the best 3 point shooters in the league. He’s been an All Star and MIP. He’s earned his paycheck. “A ton of picks.” Please….

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