The Key to the Heat's Success Relies On Chris Bosh

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3), forward LeBron James (6), and forward Chris Bosh take a break during a time out in the second half of the opening night game against the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on October 26, 2010. UPI/Matthew Healey Photo via NewscomThe Miami Heat have too much talent. Way too much talent. It’s only been two games and haters have already been criticizing them. Hold on, I hope you can read this well, okay? Ahem….IT”S ONLY BEEN TWO GAMES! Two games! How can you judge so much out of two games! Seriously people, get with the process. You can’t judge a team after only two games! It’s just that simple.

I might as well call up Roscoe Dash and give the Heat a new slogan, may be something like, “Rain, rain go away, that’s what all my haters say.” More like, “Heat, Heat, please decay, that’s what the haters want to pray.” Listen, if you want to judge that way and if that’s how you judge on other things, you really will not get very ahead in life.

For the Heat, they have had their superstars go in a rotation of having big games. In the 88-80 loss to the Boston Celtics, LeBron James lighted it up with 31 points while Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh struggled. Then Wade lifted up Miami in a 97-87 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, however this time LeBron and Bosh struggled.

Notice how Bosh hasn’t stood up yet? Can he stand up against the Orlando Magic. I can see it, as the Magic’s weakest position might as well be that. But Bosh could have some times where he will go against Dwight Howard. Right now, I agree with Bill Simmons: Howard is going to rip on the Heat every single game. Don’t be surprised if there will be at least one, maybe two, where he has a game like a 30-20 or even a 40-20! He’s done something like that before. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again.

The key for the Heat to succeed is Bosh. With LeBron technically a point guard (or I guess you could call him a point forward), he can set up some nice plays for the Heat. He has a huge advantage with being received of the point-guard-type role. He has three really good options.

  1. Pass it to Wade and let him take care of business.
  2. Set up a pick and roll to Bosh.
  3. The ball’s in your hands. If none of them are open, you take control.

I have predicted Miami to go 74-8 (yes, I know, crazy!), because I was caught him in all the hype. Apparently, a lot things have backfired. To me, the Heat can still reach 70 games, but 74-8 has almost 100-percent backfired on me. The Heat will finish 70-12 at best and 51-31 at worst, in my opinion. I am going to have to agree with Simmons again: Miami will win around 64 games this year.

Miami has no true center. Joel Anthony? Come on, give me a break. Carlos Arroyo? Let’s just punt and make Allen Iverson opt out of his Turkey contract in the next hour or so! Basically, the Heat will revolve around Bosh, Wade, and James for all the production. Once Mario Chalmers lifts his game, Udonis Haslem sees more minutes, and when Mike Miller returns, Miami will be a lot more spaced out.

I give Miami a few more games before they really start clicking. And with that, that’s when Chris Bosh shines and finally starts making plays. So far his statline is the statistics he could produce in a single game, or just three quarters! Bosh has been a steady playmaker for the Toronto Raptors, and now that he has Wade and Bosh, he will be the X-factor to the success.

Because face it, everyone mostly just talks about Wade and Bosh when they mention the Big Three. Many “experts” (I guess you could call it that) claim that it is LeBron’s team or that it is D-Wade’s team. When do you ever hear that people are saying it is Bosh’s team? That’s right, my friends, never. Many would think someone is hitting the bottle when they hear the name Bosh and the phrase “leader of the Miami Heat” (or something like that) mixed together.

First of all, Wade needs to realize that he only has a few years left of his prime left. He also needs to accept the fact that this is LeBron’s team for now on. That is why LeBron came here. Right from the start it was LBJ’s team. And if Wade can be able to accept that, the Heat are already progressing.

And lastly, it concludes with James and Bosh. James is usually so accustomed to do doing all the work when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. We remember the 2008-09 season where James led the teams in points, assists, rebounds, and blocks per game. It was not even funny of how bad a supporting cast James had. As 2009 rolled around, he basically did the same thing.

Now James has a supporting cast. He has people to pass it to. He doesn’t need to show the attitude of “Alright, it’s just me. Let me have the ball and just shoot or take it up to the rim. Let me put up 30 points a night. Give me the ball! You all can’t help, and I try to pass it to you guys! You can’t do anything! I got the ball.”

He has Wade, he has Bosh. If he can accept the fact that things are going to change and he doesn’t need to average 30 a night all the time, then it’s all good. I’d like to see that James can average 26 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists per game. That’s what I want to expect from in his first season.

Now it’s on to Bosh. Truth is, Wade and James really haven’t been passing to Bosh a lot. They don’t realize that the screen passes they give to Bosh is simply just amazing. Bosh can easily average 20 a night if they can do enough passes along with pick-and-rolls. They can annihilate defenses. Wade and James need to accept the fact that they have at least one great big man on the team. Give it to Bosh and let him do his work. He will get his rebounds, there’s nothing to worry there. But a big key to success is letting Bosh click. If he can click, the Heat are simply just unstoppable.

So if the Heat can play like that, they can succeed easily. They will silence the haters completely.

And they can end in one final tune to the haters.

“Haters, haters watch us play, you know that we are going to keep winning this way!”

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