The Jumpman: The Top Five Greatest Moments in Michael Jordan's Career

Michael Jordan has done a lot for the National Basketball Association. Sadly as a 13-year-old myself, I have never really got to see him play. The great Michael Jordan, I know. The only time I ever remember watching him live was when the guy was on the Washington Wizards. I never really got to see the true him. But I have seen over millions of highlights, games, and clips of the best player in the league history. Here are the Top Five moments in Michael Jordan’s career.

Honorable Mention: Final Farewell

This would be the last we would ever see of Michael Jordan, ever, playing the game of basketball in the NBA. Jordan made his final farewell as he ended this game and his career with the Washington Wizards.

The only reason I wouldn’t rank this part higher is due to the fact that many would like it better to not remember Jordan when he was with the Wizards. He never had enough to guide the Wiz to the playoffs.

They came close at times, but Jordan was always hit by injuries and had terrible knees. Adding t that, despite Washington had young talent, they counted too much on No. 23. The Wizards had to rely on a 40-year-old man. Yet, he still had it in him, still putting up at least 20 points a night along with a career-high of 50-plus points. When do you ever see a 40-year-old guy do that? Drafted in 1984

Why not really start of the list when Jordan was finally introduced into the NBA. He was drafted third overall by the Chicago Bulls. Jordan was a pretty underrated, but very great, prospect coming out of North Carolina.

But he showed himself up and had a great rookie season. Nobody knew, however, that this 6’6″ shooting guard would become the best player in the game.

4. Career-High game

Against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Michael Jordan brought in a career-high 69 points, 18 rebounds, and six assists. He played just awesome. Many usually debate his performance against Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard Kobe Bryant, who had 81 points. However, Jordan had way more rebounds and assists, which makes want to give the edge to Jordan. A great game played by a great player.

3. The Shot

Michael Jordan did something that the Cavaliers fans will never forget. Down by a point to Cleveland, Jordan made a quick shot over Craig Ehlo to deliver the game-winner as the Chicago Bulls beat the Cavs! Obviously, this has to be an amazing accomplishment. This shot would start telling people that Jordan was the absolute real deal.

2. First Finals’ Win

It was finally time that Michael Jordan would bring the Bulls to their first NBA Finals’ appearance. But it was going to be tough, considering the fact that it would be against Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Jordan proved the naysayers and critics wrong, giving the Bulls their first NBA title along with burying the Lakers in six games.

1. Michael Jordan vs. Utah Jazz

This is my favorite moment of Michael Jordan. He showed true greatness here. He helped get two Finals’ wins over the Utah Jazz, tallying up his total to six rings! There were many great stories coming from the games where Jordan met the Jazz in the Finals. One came when Jordan had the “Last Shot,” delivering a game-winner of Russell. Fans knew this was much like the Cleveland game. When you look at the expression on their faces, it seems like they know what is coming to them. Then came the “Flu Game,” where Jordan played with a terrible flu. Many were surprised that he actually was playing. Jordan play fantastic, but was exhausted completely after as you can see in the picture above.

Well, Jordan had a great career. What do you guys think? What were your favorite moments of Michael Jordan? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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