The Indiana Pacers Team I Want To See Next Season by Chad Smith

One thing is for certain during this time of year; summer league is, well…summer league.

Although it may seem far fetched at this point of the year, I can actually see the Pacers taking a nice step forward into next season. If things go how I see them, we will actually find out if the Pacers are on the road to recovery, or just playing for another lottery pick.

Obviously the biggest question for this franchise right now, is who will be the starting point guard for them next year and possibly further down the road? With Luther Head and Earl Watson out of town, and AJ Price recovering from injury, the last option may be to stick TJ Ford back into the mix; bad idea.

There is hope however, and it comes with a risk. His name is Lance Stephenson, and if the name sounds familiar, yes, he is that guy from New York.

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. We already have seven or eight wing players, and if we could take one of them like Lance and get him to run the point, good things could happen for this franchise.

Of course there is a big risk, with his off the court problems and maturity issues, but ever since the Pacers took him in the second round of the draft he has shown promise. If Lance is able to establish himself at the PG spot, that might clear things up for the other guys like Dahntay Jones, Paul George, Brandon Rush, Danny Granger, etc.

I don’t really see Dunleavy adding a lot to the team next year, and I don’t think we will see a lot of Jeff Foster, but with Roy Hibbert, Granger, and Dahntay Jones, at least you know what you are getting.

I don’t know if I am still sold on Tyler contributing to the team very much, but he will get his minutes.

I think if the Pacers are able to make a trade soon, Murphy seems like the most likely to move (along with Ford and Rush). If those things do transpire, my starting five could look something like this to start the season:

PG Lance Stephenson

SG Dahntay Jones

SF Paul George

PF Danny Granger

C Roy Hibbert

Before you go off bashing me, hear me out.

With Lance at the point, he not only can distribute, but he is a legit threat to score at any given time. With Dahntay at the 2 being able to lock down the premier shooting guards in the league, Paul George can find his game at the 3 spot.

Having Granger at the 4 will give him many favorable matchups on the offensive end. Hibbert continues to impress me and is probably my favorite player on the roster right now because of his work ethic, his attitude, and his desire to become a great player.

Who knows what the roster will look like to begin the season, and hopefully there will be some trades before then.  As of right now, this is the best option for the Pacers in my opinion at this point.

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  • AJ

    I’m with you on this, blogger. I’ve been saying for 3 years now that the team needs to go the route of the Orlando Magic: 4 outside, 1 inside. And, no offense to Troy, but I mean athletic outside players. With Hibbert’s size and offensive rebounding & Stephenson’s driving, those 2 could be as lethal as Dwight & Jameer in the PNR game. Add the shooting of Danny, Paul, & B-Rush, it could be downright nasty. After watching how effective Pau, Bynum, & Mr. Kardashian were on the offensive glass those few times Kobe decided to miss a shot, Obie would be crazy not to use Hibbert in the same fashion. His numbers & effectiveness would skyrocket. K-I-S-S! Copy Orlando and see how we do. Roy is better offensively than Dwight.

    I’m in the minority, but I definitely still like the idea of bringing in Arenas. It’s an expensive risk, but one worth taking IMO. But if not, I could live with Lance. Or possibly getting Maynor from OKC. Heck, I’d even give T.J. the nod if we ran more PNR and stopped with this more difficult motion/passing O. It looks good when you have the players to run it, like Sacto a few years back. But we don’t have that in Indy.

  • Albert Smith

    Just go ahead and do it the right way and trade Danny boy to San Antonio, look I love Danny and everything he’s done for the Pacers but, the FO just drafted Paul George so they must think he has a more versitile game or upside. You need a point we need a SF so lets make it happen I’m sure we can come to a reasonable agreement,and as far as injuries goes how many foreign player do you have? exactly. When they’re somewhat younger they neglect the NBA team playing for their country and get hurt but that’s nolonger the case Tony. He is taking this whole summer to condition himself solely for the betterment of the Spurs as a whole if you dont want to talk that’s fine he’ll come back better next year for us, only to be resigned so don’t get your hopes up.