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Pacers-Blazers Recap: Are You Kidding Me??? And There Goes Game Six, Pacers Fall (No Gimme) 102-91

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Okay, so it seems that when I predict wins, yeah, it’s not gonna happen. Man, that sucks. And I really thought I was turning into Buddha or the Elephant Indian gods with the powers, predicting stuff. Having the magic. Well, right now, I am just an Indian sports fan. But enough of me, and my religion, it’s time to talk Indy basketball.

Well, what is there to talk about Indy basketball. Last week when I summed up the week, they sucked. And now, it seems like I am gonna have do that again! This is the sixth straight loss for the Pacers. Man, these AccuScore predictions are right on the money when it comes to predicting the losses for Indiana.

Victories? Way off. Now that’s what I just hate. I can just writer hater, and nothing else in this article. Heck, I can ask Chamillionaire to just say Hate in audio and just put it right here. I mean, that guy says “haters,” “Hate,” “hatin,” “hatin’ on my haters,” “haters keep hatin’,” yeah, you get the idea.

But I am hating right now on my team. They aren’t trying! I mean, having your largest lead at two points!!! How can you win like that? Unless if you were the Grizzlies, who beat the Cavaliers in overtime recently. But that’s the Grizzlies. And to be honest, the Grizzlies are actually better than the Pacers now.

See that? Teams that were just completely horrible last year, way worse than the Pacers, are now suddenly having more wins, and probably can beat the Blue and Gold anyday, anytime, anywhere. And without Granger, Indiana isn’t scoring.

Highest scorer: Dahntay Jones, 19 points. Highest scorer for Blazers: 29 points, Brandon Roy. Now there’s another reason they’ll lose. And the shooting percentage was much better as well. What I liked yesterday, and the only thing, was Tyler Hansbrough. Eleven rebounds, highest in the game out of both teams.

I liked that. But other than that, it was another nightmare. First, I was okay having my favorite team at 6-7. We could come back, piece of cake. Well now, the cake ain’t easy. The piece cake the Pacers are having is burnt. Not good, and that’s how they’re playing: not good. Now is that a good way to head into Christmas? Indiana: Do you guys want to end Christmas day with—what?—a 15-game losing streak? Because you are just well on your way. Easily. That’s a piece of cake there.

On the 11th, it’s time to face the Nets. Now if the Pacers lose this, it’s over, okay? It’s over. No playoffs. I swear, it is over. If they go 6-14, and 14th game they loss was to the worst team in the NBA, heck, it is not good. Pacers fans: I would totally understand if you would mug Danny Granger and give him performance-enhancing drugs, steroids—hell—any kind of supplement to heal Granger to get him back into the lineup.

I am cool with that. I would appreciate it. You’d be a hero! So Jared, Tom, Pace J, Bobby, Oesher you guys with me? Let’s give Granger some steroids or PED’s! Nah, just kidding, can you imagine? But someone out there, do it!

“We didn’t play consistent basketball,” Pacers coach Jim O’Brien said. “We can’t play two and a half quarters of good basketball and one and a half quarters of sub-par basketball.”

Right on the money Jim! Right on the money. It’s time to improve, guys. Winning ain’t easy. Losing is. Be a winner, and contender. Not a pretender.

So next time you get on that court, play like a champion.

The time is now….

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