Pacers-Clips: Indy Can't Win Without Granger, Fall 88-72

It was another terrible game played by the Pacers. The team was looking to snap their losing-streak and win for the first time since November 25th. And guess who they won to on that date? The Clippers. And they also snapped their losing-streak when they defeated them on that date also.

But what really ended this game was the 18-4 run. Now, who can you win with that? Seriously? I just don’t see teams winning when they keep allowing big runs. I mean, when they faced the Jazz, the first quarter started at 22-3, and ending at 32-14. Now, see, this is the problem. They can’t continue losing. At 6-12, how can you even reach the playoffs?

What is going wrong? The Pacers have managed to win without Granger. This was not the night. It was an ugly night, for both teams.

“It’s a win, man. It was real ugly, but we’ll take it. Sometimes you have those,” said Al Thornton, who led the team with 19 points, but yet, had four turnovers, leading the team in that also.

Troy Murphy led the Pacers with 13 points. 13! Like Ed Lover says, C’mon son, get the f*** outta here with that bull****. But that isn’t winning-like for a team. And how can you allow Marcus Camby to put up twelve points and 17 rebounds! This is not the Pacers.

The Pacers are 0-4 on this road-trip against Western Conference teams, and they ended with a loss to a team they beat before starting the losing-streak.

Probably the biggest stat Indiana had was the nine assists by Earl Watson. All of this is messed up, really. They beat the Clippers by a lot without Granger, and they lose this one by the same score (except the other way around). Now that is what I don’t understand.

I mean, we got Mike back. We got a lot of people back but nobody is taking advantage of the doors that are opening for them. We lost Granger in the second half, and the Pacers lose. Indy lose Granger for the whole game and win against the Clips on the 25th of November.

“Danny is one of our key players, so losing him early in the second half really hurt us,” coach Jim O’Brien said. “We did not have the firepower to play defense. We don’t know how serious the injury is yet, and we won’t until we get back home so he can get an MRI.”

I hope they don’t lose him for long. They’ll be facing Portland in a couple of days. They got a hard five games ahead of them, facing teams like:

  1. Portland (mentioned)
  2. Nets
  3. Wizards
  4. Magic
  5. Bobcats

I think they’ll be able to at least get the Nets, Bobcats, and Wizards. I can see them beating the Trailblazers, now without Oden. It’s going to be tough, but if they win all of those games, 11-12 would be a good spot.

It’s time to make a change. And there’s hope.

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