Bobcats-Pacers Preview: Interview with David Arnott of Rufus On Fire

Hey guys, I’m back with another interview for a preview. Today, I am with David Arnott of at SB Nation. I appreciate his time to answer my questions. Let’s do this:

Josh Dhani: How do you feel about Stephen Jackson coming to Charlotte? Also, what do you think about him facing his former team?

David Arnott: Stephen Jackson is already the best scorer on the Bobcats, but he’s no All Star, which means he’s not exactly a game-changer. If he’s comfortable and at his best, he brings us back to a 33+ win team again instead of being among the favorites in the John Wall sweepstakes, which isn’t all that fun to consider. As far as facing his old team, it’s a shame his time in Indy was marred by the Malice at the Palace, because that was such an intriguing and talented Pacers team.

JD: The Bobcats are at 3-9, do you expect them to make a turnaround?

DA: Before the season, I projected 37 wins for the Cats, and now, after the first eighth of the season, I’d probably adjust that down to a 30-win team.

JD: D.J. Augustin is entering his second year. How do you feel about him so far?

DA: Augustin has regressed this season. He’s not shooting nearly as well as he did last year, nor is he penetrating the lane as well. His defense was an issue due to his size, and that hasn’t changed, so he’s suddenly gone from Damon Stoudemire Lite to Earl Boykins. Not good times.

JD: When the Emeka Okafor-Tyson Chandler trade was made, what did you think of it?

DA: I’ll quote what I wrote at the time ( “There is no way this is about present day talent and it can’t be about saving money in the present day; look up all the stats and scouting reports you want, but Chandler doesn’t quite match up to Okafor, and he makes more money each of the next two seasons. If the Bobcats make this trade thinking they are getting the better present day player, it will be dumb luck if it works out in our favor.”

JD: Which players should the Pacers watch out for in the game?

DA: The Pacers will have their most trouble with Boris Diaw, since neither Troy Murphy nor Tyler Hansbrough is noted for his defense, and Danny Granger will have a size issue with him on the block if he plays the four. Everyone else matches up reasonably well.

JD: What is your prediction for Charlotte this season?

DA: The Bobcats are going to struggle to win 33 wins this year.

JD: What is your prediction for this game?

DA: If Roy Hibbert gets in foul trouble early, the Cats will have a chance to win because they’re especially thin at center, and Hibbert has the capacity to give them tons of trouble.

JD: Do you expect Raymond Felton to stay with the Bobcats?

DA: Felton has survived years of talent stagnation and coach after coach, so I don’t know what else he can do that would prompt the Bobcats to give up on him. I wouldn’t have extended a qualifying offer to him before this season.

JD: Who do you got for the Finals this year?

DA: Cavs-Spurs, LeBron wins his first title.

Again, I really appreciate David stopping by. Please check out his site at Also, check out SB Nation if you get a chance as well as that is the network ROF writes for.

Let’s see what both teams do today!

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