Fan Poll: Indiana Pacers’ fans are hopeful for this power forward in the draft

NBA Draft, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
NBA Draft, Indiana Pacers (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

The Indiana Pacers have one of their most important drafts in decades coming up this offseason, and many fans are wondering how they will use their 3 first-round picks. You read that right, 3 first-rounders, and likely the first pick of the second round.

So with all of their draft capital, what might the Pacers decide to do in their big upcoming draft? Well there is a clear position of need that the Pacers have had for it seems like ages at this point at the power forward. And so many fans speculate that will likely be the direction the team decides to go this summer.

And so we asked fans, if the Pacers were to go after a forward in the first round this year with their highest lottery pick, who would they like to see? And the results seemed a bit split at best.

We offered up three different options, Jarace Walker, Ausar Thompson, and Cam Whitmore as options for Pacers fans to choose from. This was based on recent mock drafts and where the Pacers will likely be when the season ends. For example, some fans were asking for Brandon Miller, however, Miller will likely be long off the board before the Pacers ever get around to picking this offseason.

And while I don’t think you would find a Pacers fan who disagrees with Miller being a great choice, it’s likely highly unlikely he will be around when the Pacers make a pick.

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Pacers fans seem torn between Cam Whitmore and Jarace Walker

They both have their pros and cons. Jarace Walker plays for a Houston team that has had a lot of success this season and looks like quite the agressive player, something the Pacers desperately need. Cam Whitmore on the other hand has shown an ability to play more of a 3&D position in the NBA but also brings size.

It will be interesting to see which the Pacers go for if both are on the board come our pick.