Kevin Durant Impressed With Myles Turner

Kevin Durant and Myles Turner are both products of the University of Texas, making it no surprise the fellow Longhorn had good things to say about the Indiana Pacers rookie.

When the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Indiana Pacers met last week, Myles Turner scored 16 points and grabbed 5 rebounds but most importantly, knocked down a 3-pointer to tie the game in the fourth quarter. Of course, former MVP Kevin Durant was the more impressive player with 31 points and 8 rebounds, but he didn’t mind praising the rookie earlier this week.

“I love his game,” Durant said. “Full of confidence and he can shoot it. The other night he left his imprint on the game early and late, and he helped them win the game against us.”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Jared L. Christopher also asked Durant if he remembered when the two played together in a workout at the University of Texas in 2012. Of course, Durant did, and you can see a clip of the two playing in the video below.

“I didn’t know who he was. He was tall, big feet, but he’s one of those guys I knew would be special,” Durant said. “He’s got to keep working, keep staying with it. We’re family, you know, Texas, we all stick together. I’m sure I’ll see him around this summer to get some work in.”

Durant is right, as so far Myles has been a special player for the Pacers, and it keeps looking more and more like Larry Bird and Kevin Pritchard found a steal at the No. 11 pick.

So if the two are working out this summer, and if Kevin Durant is a free agent, that can only mean one thing: KEVIN DURANT WILL BE AN INDIANA PACER!

OK, that’s highly unlikely (Read: No chance in hell.), though Indiana does have room to sign a max-deal player this summer.

However, if Turner can learn a thing or two from the veteran when they do meet up, that is a win for the Pacers. But if Myles gets a chance to make a sales pitch to Durant, that’s not a bad idea either.