What’s The Deal With Brandon Rush?

I wonder what has been the deal with Indiana Pacers’ shooting guard Brandon Rush. I mean, I have no problem about his attitude or anything, but it’s his performance sometimes.

Rush is so unpredictable at times.

During the 2008-09 season, B-Rush had a slow start but flourished during the second-half of the season. I remember him knocking shots from every part of the court. Either if it’s by the rim, by the free-throw line, or from behind-the-arc.

For the 2009-10 season, there were going to be some expectations. We were to believe that Rush would be Granger’s partner in crime. His sidekick. You know? But it hasn’t worked out so far.

Though Rush improved his averages from his rookie year, John Hollinger pointed out that he had one of the worst Player Efficiency Ratings (also known as PER) in NBA History. It was significantly low and not very impressive at all.

Not something you want on your resume.

But we shouldn’t blame Rush too much. He is entering his third season and good rise above his problems. He has a good size advantage at 6’6″ and 210 pounds, and could improve.

For all we know, he is probably practicing right now maybe with his jump-shots and everything. Rush could work on his ball-handling skills, too.

Entering the 2010-11 season, Rush will most probably be backing up free-agent acquisition from last year: Dahntay Jones. Jones improved and showed he is defensively and offensively better than Rush so far.

So what is my problem with Rush? Well, during this year, Rush kept having some good nights and sometimes a lot of off nights. Some of these streaks would go on and on and on; and it got annoying.

No wonder his PER got low.

Rush doesn’t need to worry right now. At 24 and with a lot left in the tank, we could see a new Brandon Rush for the upcoming season.

I hope.