NBA Draft: Who Should the Pacers Get? I Think DeMarcus Cousins

With three games to go for the Pacers, they are most likely to finish at 32-50 at season’s end. Indy will be looking to make some big offseason moves in my opinion and look for big free agents. But before we get into the offseason mumbo-jumbo talk, I’d like to talk about the draft first.

The Pacers will easily slip into the Top Ten picks but the question is, “Where?” I’d like to see the Pacers land in the Top Five. And if they do, I know exactly who they’ll have to pick. DeMarcus Cousins. It’s just that simple. It has to be DeMarcus.

Indy is in need of a quality power forward since Jermaine O’Neal. Cousins may be the next best thing. I see Troy Murphy leaving in the offseason, which I’ll save for my next article. Cousins is a tall, strong, physical power forward who has the size. He has the skills you want in a power forward. Here’s a guy who averaged 15 PPG and nearly 10 RPG. Also, don’t count off the 2 BPG.

Cousins is also built well as he is nearly 7-feet tall and 270 pounds. He is the size of a center but if he were to be drafted by Indy, he would serve as PF. The Pacers lineup would seriously be stacked with three point guards battling for the starting spot: T.J. Ford, Earl Watson, and A.J. Price. The SG spot would probably go to Dahntay Jones, and Rush will be serving as backup. SF will be no question with Granger there. Cousins will be the starting PF with Hansbrough and Josh McRoberts backing him up. Center will start off with Hibbert and Solomon Jones backing him up.

But just think of how good the big men spots will be with Granger, Cousins, and Hibbert? Cousins and Hibbert would rack up so many boards and will torture players in the paint. Many points in the paint will be scored. And the Pacers are so far doing great right now with the team they already have. But with a few changes and with Cousins, this team can easily receive an eighth or seventh seed.

The future has been looking bright for Indy. These last 15 games have proved it. And next year, I look to see greatness accomplished. We all just have to see the old Pacers in 90’s and early 00’s. Indy is well on their way to a great future in this fine league. DeMarcus Cousins is as fantastic fit.

The question is: Can they get him?