Pacers-Cavs Preview: A Team With 30 Losses Faces a Team With 30 Wins

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You can’t explain the title any better! The Pacers host this game with 16-30 record. 30 losses as you can see. The Cavaliers enter this game with a 36-11 record. That’s 30 wins! So that means the title is right, right? Of course it is! But anyways, after seeing that Lakers game—which wasn’t pretty, believe me—it’s hard to have a lot of confidence beating the Cavaliers when Cleveland got L.A. 93-87 a few days ago.

And also LeBron has had a fairly easy time in Conseco Fieldhouse, averaging over 41 points per game in the last three games. It’s looking really good for him. But you know what sucks for him? He got fined for kicking a water bottle. But that’s not the point. The Pacers need to play extremely strong defense on this kid. I am expecting Danny Granger to hopefully do well on guarding him. I see a good game between these two.

Also, here a fun fact: The Pacers are 0-20 when Troy Murphy fails to record eleven rebounds. We are counting on you to get those eleven rebounds Troy. Do it! But I see a good, fun game here. I am looking forward to this.

If the Pacers play smart, there’s a possible chance at a win.

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