Pacers-Nets Recap: Easy Win, Easy Everything; Pacers Hand It To Nets, 121-105

How great can this get? Seriously! The Pacers are now on a three-game winning-streak! Since Granger coming back, the Pacers are 14-25. Danny Granger has also been leading the team in points in the last four games as well as Murphy leading the team in rebounds in those games.

When the Pacers were trailing by about seven points in the first quarter, I was like, “Oh man. Indiana better not embarrass themselves in this.” But after that, the Pacers got their groove and scored 72 points at the end of the half. They developed a 20-point lead, 72-52 at the halftime and were just unstoppable after that.

Granger had 28 points in the game, 22 of them in the fantastic first half. Troy Murphy added some love, with 21 points and 14 rebounds. Brandon Rush played well, too, with 15 points as well as Mike Dunleavy with 14 points. Roy Hibbert had twelve points and six rebounds.

This victory that was by 16 points was the biggest for Indiana this season. What I also noticed was that the team was very consistent from behind-the-arc. They hit 13 three-pointers! The Pacers led by more than 22 points!

“It was a 3-minute period that hurt us,” Nets interim coach Kiki Vandeweghe said. “That’s just something we have to learn. It’s a 48-minute game, not 45.”

Though the Nets suffered a big loss and fall to 3-36 (and getting five wins looks to be a challenge for them, too), they had some light in the game. At least they led by seven points. No, nevermind, the Nets are just horrible. Devin Harris had 22 points and nine assists, and Brook Lopez continues to have good games against Indiana, having 27 points and seven rebounds in this one.

“We can get up and down, shoot 3s, score in the paint,” said center Roy Hibbert. “Once we learn to play together and practice more, we can be a dangerous team in the East.”

I think they can. They can literally make a turnaround. The Pacers will face the Hornets tomorrow night at 6PM. I’ll write a good preview of the game tomorrow but a short recap due to the Indianapolis Colts-Baltimore Ravens playoff game tomorrow night at 8:15.

With the Pacers this unstoppable so far, especially at home, the Pacers will beat New Orleans. And you know what the good part is about tomorrow night’s game for Indy?

They’re playing at home!