Pacers-Thunder Recap: Durants Takes It To Us, Scores 40 in OKC’s Win, 108-102

*Fast Break Points

Well, I expected this. I really did. I mean, come on, it was Kevin Durant the 19-16 Oklahoma City Thunder. They now move up to 20-16, and also, along with James Harden’s cool beard, which may continue to grow.

Durant had 40 points! 40! He had 15 more than Danny Granger, who had 25. Troy Murphy had 15 points and 15 rebounds in the Pacers’ 108-102 loss, as they fall to 11-25. Earl Watson had nine assists, and started again. It seemed like a joke.

Here’s what happened during Twitter conversations that night…

From Zach Harper of and

@8pts9secs Earl Watson is starting?!?! Still? I thought that was a practical joke or something…

From me:

@8pts9secs Looks like Zach Harper was right when Watson starting was a joke

From Jared Wade of

@JoshDhani Indeed. Been a joke for a while now.

My response:

@8pts9secs haha agreed

So that’s pretty much how that went down about Mr. Earl Watson. What is the deal of starting this guy? Personally, in my opinion, let’s start A.J. Price now. Come on, this kid is awesome. Price had 23 points in this game, probably his career-high, including 19 in the fourth quarter!

This kid is very interesting. Kevin Durant, good game. Pacers, yeah, they came close, but not close enough. No cigar. No sir. (You know, I always wanted to say Yessir. I like how rapper Ludacris said it in a song: “Yezzerrr!” It’s cool.)

We got Toronto in two days. So stay tuned for that, folks. I am. Have a great day. I know the Pacers didn’t, but Indiana needs a win. Is Toronto a place? We’ll find out, like I said.

But for now, what I’m worried about, is James Harden: I just hope he doesn’t shave his beard.

How can you say it doesn’t look good? It’s bigger now, I think. Looking good my man. Like a Rocket Singh.

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