Paul George on Injury: I'll Be Back Better Than Ever

If there is any positive spin to put on this devastating injury, it is that Paul George was cognizant enough within about an hour to tweet out a message. He thanked everyone for the support they have shown and said he would be back — better than ever.

It’s great to see that he wasn’t in so much shock or so emotionally distraught that he couldn’t focus on anything but his own pain, not to mention the heartbreak that athletes sometimes say is even worse — that awareness that everything you have worked for so hard may now be gone.

Good to see that Paul is looking forward this soon.

Still, when you look at his last two tweets together, it’s hard not to feel a huge weight in your stomach.

Paul George TwitterHe was just playing 1-on-1 with reigning MVP Kevin Durant while clowning around on Twitter with prior MVP LeBron about getting in on the game.

And now he is one a stretcher, reacting to all the many reactions his NBA fraternity brothers and fans had to watching him shatter his leg on national television.

The sadness just gets sadder.

As for the Indiana Pacers, the team put out the following statement from team president Larry Bird. “We are aware of the injury sustained by Paul George in Friday night’s Team USA game in Las Vegas and we are obviously greatly concerned. At this time our thoughts and prayers are with Paul. We are still gathering details and will have an updated statement Saturday.”

UPDATE: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement. This news really is shaking the whole league. Everyone is stunned and sickened, just hoping he can recover as quickly as is possible.

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