Mar 21, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Detroit Pistons guard Rodney Stuckey (3) drives past Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe (2) in the second quarter at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Rodney Stuckey signs with Pacers

That didn’t take long.

Before the sun had set on Lance Stephenson’s exit from Indianapolis, the Pacers inked a one-year deal with former Piston Rodney Stuckey.

This shouldn’t be too surprising considering he was one of the few shooting guards available that has a chance to match Lance’s scoring.   Stuckey will help fill the Lance-shaped hole in the roster and brings a similar scoring total per a game while averaging one less turnover. Filling the point total is something Stuckey looks capable of as he averaged almost 14 points a game but how he got them are quiet different.

That brings us to the negatives of Stuckey and they are as follows: less range than Stephenson, less accurate, less of a passer. He’s going to play below the arc and that worries me. Lance helped space the floor out while Stuckey is more likely to be found near the rim with half of his shots coming from the restricted area and the rest from midrange. This could lead to some spacing issues for the Pacer offense.

Another thing though, Stuckey had “antics” issues of his own.

So maybe he’ll fit in perfectly?

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  • Robert T. Ives

    The Pacers give up great young developing talent and replace it with a well established mediocrity. Not good.

    • Tenacious D.

      Yes. This is very, very bad.

    • poot

      Lance wanted $9/yr… Stuckey is signing for the minimum.
      wow you guys really have a way of spinning things to fit your own agendas

      • Zack

        Lance wanted$ 9 mil/yr. The Pacers offered him $8.8 mil/yr. They will regret not offering that extra $200k per year.
        The difference between Stephenson and Stuckey is significant.

        • poot

          Lance wanted a shorter deal. and that $200K extra i’m sure. and to be the star of the team.
          the difference is significant, nobody is arguing that. Lance is being paid an appropriate amount considering his raw talent and more importantly, his potential. Stuckey, however, is a steal at a minimum deal. he will be one of the league’s best values next year.
          sure the difference is significant overall, but on a $/value basis, Pacers got the better player here.

          • Zack

            While the pure $/value basis might be true, what happens when, come playoff time, the Pacers offense gets stagnant (like it seems to every year) and they’re asking Stuckey to do the things Lance did over the last two years? Lance has the opportunity to be an All-Star next year, and Stuckey is about an average starter (if not below average).. The spacing is going to be tight unless Cope/Rudez actually play (instead of Vogel ALWAYS playing traditional lineups, with no PF/C’s that can shoot 3′s).

          • poot

            well i think that is where opinions diverge.
            If you look back at games where the “Pacers offense gets stagnant” you will see that Lance was actually a no show. Example: Game 2 vs the Heat, right after PG makes the shot clock beating 3 then Wade gives him a concussion, Pacers led 75-72 with under 6 to go. Heat would go on a 14-3 run over the next 5 minutes to secure the win. Want to know what Lance did during that time? Other than letting Wade score 4 straight times on defense? On offense, he drove once, jumped way too early, and nearly missed the rim on his floater. That’s it. The stagnant Pacer offense got NOTHING from Lance in their most important game of the season. If they finished off that game, they would have been locks for the finals… instead, people now doubt this team can even get home court next year.

            I am in the group of opinions that say you never know what you will get from Lance. Maybe he’ll light it up with his sweet moves and aggressive drives. or maybe he’ll disappear. The latter is more common, but less memorable. He’s not great at driving, he pretty much just gets his opportunities from having more “gamble” type defenders reach during his dribbles/spins. any conservative defense, and he’s stuck shooting an off balance mid-range fade away. That’s why he was a no show in clutch situations vs the Heat.

            Stuckey is not better than Lance, but he is really really good at drawing fouls. in fact, among guards, only FIVE guys last season averaged > 0.34 FTA/FGAs, with a FT% > 83%. The other four were Harden, CP3, Teague and Isaih Thomas. Lance only got .21 FTA/FGA and shot 71%.
            Stuckey has a purpose, and when the offense gets stagnant, at least he can get to the line. I’ll take that over fancy spin moves and no look passes any day.

          • Zack

            Well I do hope I’m wrong and you’re right, or else the Pacers are looking at a first or second round playoff loss this upcoming season.

            I would probably argue that “Maybe he’ll light it up with his sweet moves and aggressive drives. or maybe he’ll disappear. The latter is more common” is definitely not true. There were definitely more times where he showed up than disappeared. I guess that’s just my opinion.

          • poot

            maybe its Vogels fault for not calling plays for Lance, or Hill’s fault for not getting him the ball, or Hibbert or West or PG’s fault for demanding the ball instead… i dont know

            clearly the point you made is hard to argue. did he come through more, or did he let us down more? how do you quantify this?

            I believe the Pacers won games with their defense. even early in the season, they would often trail by double digits, then clamp down in the second half on D, and eventually suffocate the opponent to gut out a win. I dont believe that the Pacers won games by outgunning their opponents, which meant few, if any, opportunities for Lance to showcase his offensive arsenal to get a win. its just not how the Pacers win games. so the idea that he came through for them by creating on offense is pretty counterintuative to me. i have no doubts he created, he put points on the board, and he kept defenses on their heals.
            but, per bbal_ref, in “clutch” situations last season, of the starters, only Roy took less shots than Lance. same goes for shots to tie or take the lead in “clutch” situations, in fact, ET who only played 1/3 of the games Lance did, took only ONE less shot to tie or take the lead in crunch time.

            is that because Lance disappeared? or because the other Pacers were too selfish or something? maybe he took the lebron approach and preferred to “create for others”? again, its hard to quantify, but the stats are all there to back up what the eye tells me. we remember Lance’s awesome plays, and I too loved them. but he really didnt help us win when it mattered, and knocking the Pacers for losing a guy like that is just wrong.

        • Robert T. Ives

          Ha, so all you have to do is fill your roster with minimum salary players. Hey, they would all be bargains! Zack that was addressed to Poot.

        • siomi

          Actually Lance wanted 3 years, not 5. This is the main difference.

  • poot

    come on guys, this is ridiculous. “benched for insubordination”??? You realize that was nearly 4 years ago, and by a coach widely regarded as one of the WORST in league history (Kuester- the coach who Ben Wallace, Rip, TMac, Prince and yes, Stuckey, refused to play for, skipped practice with him, ALL of them got benched, and laughed their asses off when kuester got ejected – did you all really forget this??) and was FIRED less than 2 months later???? don’t say stupid shit you can’t back up, that benching was on the coach, not the players, and certainly not on Stuckey alone.

    you guys are silly. not only is Stuckey less turnover prone than Lance, but he also gets more steals and more blocks. but that’s not the best part of him replacing Lance

    Lance is a loose cannon, never know what he will do once he starts dribbling between the legs and all that jazz. Stuckey actually has a gameplan- get to the rim and draw a foul. if not, he can finish, and he can make pull ups in mid range very nicely as well. if left open, he is a solid long range shooter, much better than he gets credit for. so he actually will serve a purpose on the Pacers, and be a nice complement to Hill.

    you do realize that Stuckey has drawn more shooting fouls in nearly every single year of his career, than Lance has in his ENTIRE career combined??? (Stuckey FTA/FGA = .38, Lance FTA/FGA = .21) and Stuckey shoots FTs at a 84% clip. (vs Lance’s 71%) when used correctly, he is a WEAPON, it just happens he was on a shitty pistons team these past 5 years.

    seriously, i know you are all butt hurt about Lance, and no, i do not argue that Stuckey has more talent or AllStar potential or is younger, obviously Lance wins all those, but he is a BETTER FIT. he will be willing to be the 5th guy on the team. Lance always saw himself as #1, even when he was riding pine for the first two years of his career.

    enjoy some Stuckey watching prior to next season, he is going to do really well for the Pacers:

  • Ian

    Stuckey will be trying to prove something after not getting any serious FA interest. Just a couple years ago he was posting a 18+ PER while drawing a lot of fouls. He can create and get to the hole two things the Pacers need. And if it doesn’t work out, well, he’s on a minimum deal.

    I still think the Pacers have to sign Turner because they don’t have any depth on the wing.

    • poot

      he was playing point guard that year too… brings me back to my point that he will be a perfect complement to G Hill. they are going to look nice playing next to each other

      the PER is clearly much better than anything Lance ever posted, but if you want to get into the interesting stuff, it is his ability to draw fouls and convert
      in NBA history, only 23 guards, for their entire careers, averaged > .38 FTA/FGA while shooting > 82.5% from the line… you may recognize a few names: Chauncey, Reggie, CP3, Harden, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Kobe, Manu, Stockton… Rodney Stuckey
      and, in NBA history, only 17 guards ever, had a season where they average >.53 FTA/FGA while shooting >83.3% from the line… again, names like Chauncey, Magic, Jerry West, Harden, Big O… Rodney Stuckey.
      I’m not saying he’s better than Lance, but he surely knows his strengths and plays to them. He learned a lot starting his career playing behind Chauncey. and you’re right, worst case scenario, he is a minimum contract.

      as for signing ET, seems like he could get more money than the minimum elsewhere (reportedly the TWolves are interested) and the Pacers already have 15 guys under contract … who would they cut?
      I think the org is banking on Solo making big strides this season. contributing at the wings. Basically PG will take up most of the time, whether SF or some spot duty at SG, and the rest of the guys will flank him on the wings, between Stuckey, Miles, GHill, SHill and the occasional Cope, it should be enough, right?

      • Ian

        Turner is a playmaker, in theory, and a good ball handler. SHill didn’t even play in the summer league, so banking on him on a contending team is scary. Cope is really a stretch 4 and is better suited banging with 4s than 3s. The Pacers have collected a bunch of shooters and not a lot else. Plus Scola is taking up playing time that could go to players who can shoot the 3 and have some upside.

        By cutting Scola, the Pacers would free up a few mill under the lux tax. Remember, Turner is a RFA and they have his Bird rights.

      • Joe Betz

        I could see Miles starting at the 2 in order to have three 3pt threats surrounding the post, with Stuckey being a change of pace, attack-the-hole guy once Hibbert and West hit the bench and the lane opens for him to beat other bench guards off the bounce. I will be interested to see how Vogel decides to use these two guards.

        A Watson, Stuckey, Solo Hill / Copeland, Scola, Mahinmi second unit isn’t too sexy, but it’s balanced and better than any other bench unit I can think of at this time. Plus, Hill should be poised to contribute after a year on the bench. He was a 4 year college guy…I’m hoping he shows us something this season.

  • poot