Jan 16, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger (33) reacts after scoring a basket during a game against the New York Knicks at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Granger Signs With the Miami Heat

Welp. This one is sure to upset many a Hoosier: the captain who shepparded the team through its dullest era since the 1980s — bringing watchability, hope, and the smoothest of jumpshots — has now signed with the team´s most-hated rival.

Yes, sports fans: Danny Granger is now a member of the Heat, and for the low low low price of $4.2 million over two years, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

The salary may seem low, but Granger wouldn´t have been able to get any more from a Miami team trying to keep together its big three (plus perhaps add Carmelo) all within the confines of the league´s collective bargaining agreement. Also, Danny missed essentially two straight seasons before playing poorly in limited time last season with the Pacers and Clippers.

He was a part of Indiana´s success last season, but the team´s win/loss record and his numbers didn´t seem connected. Still, many have understandably criticized Larry Bird for shipping Granger to Philadelphia, for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen, due to the detrimental effect it had on team unity and defense.

After being bought out by the Sixers, Granger joined Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin on the Clippers. He played adequately in the beginning but then got hurt again, missing the tail end of the regular season. Rivers found sporadic minutes for Granger in the postseason, but he shot horribly (27.5%).

Thus, he probably isn´t even taking that much of a discount to play for Miami over what he could get on the open market. Shooters can always get paid, but who knows if Granger will ever be a reliable shooter again given all his leg problems.

Hoosiers are sure to take this one badly. But the more adult perspective is to be happy for a former favorite who now gets to live in Miami and — if all goes according to Pat Riley´s plan — get his best shot at a title since the contender he used to play for unceremoniously dumped him for Evan Turner.

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  • achoo

    are you saying that the people who put Stranger on their shit list are not being adults? come on man, I hated the Celtics in their “big 3″ days, i was living in SoCal and putting tons of money on the Lakers (lost a ton in 08 then won it all back in 09)

    but despite that, i thought Ray Allen was just about the biggest scumbag in the world for how he left the Celtics to join the Heat (people forget the details: C’s were poised to be the odds on favorite to win the east again, offered him twice the money, and the rare no-trade clause… anyone saying he was at risk of being traded just doesnt have their facts straight)

    now Granny Stranger takes the cake. Not because he will make the heat any better. more likely he will be their next Beasley/Oden. but because he could have made more elsewhere, or rejoined the Pacers, or anything with a shread of decency or honor… he should be embarrassed, i know I will be booing my head off when he comes to Indiana and *if* he touches the ball

    • Jay19ny

      The 2012-2013 Celtics were “odds on favorites” ??? The Heat were favorites. That BOS team was not that good and didn’t have a center besides KG who could only play 28 mins a night. They ended up finishing 7th seed No where close to favorites.

      Because he left a team that was going to start Avery Bradley over him, signed Jason Terry while Ray Allen was still on the team, he’s scum? You’re scum for criticizing another grown man’s decision.

      Rondo and Allen bumped heads and were not on the same page. Ray Allen was no longer comfortable in Boston and left to Miami. Shouldn’t he be able to decide to go to a better situation without being crucified by fans?

      “Decency” and “honor” that is not in an NBA contract. An NBA player owes nothing to fans.

      I’m sorry, I think you sound insane.

      • poot

        were “poised to be” odds on favorites … reading comprehension man. shit fell apart after that Ray debacle. the Heat were the favorites with the stupid fanboys, no one else.

    • Jordan

      He doesn’t really owe us or the Pacers shit. They traded him, he didn’t leave. I don’t blame him for going where he thinks he has the best shot at a title. His career is damn near over at this point

    • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

      You’re apparently all about loyalty, but you think it doesn’t matter that Boston REPEATEDLY tried to replace and/or trade Allen?

      You’re apparently all about loyalty, but you think it doesn’t matter that Indiana ACTUALLY DID trade Danny Granger to the most hopeless team in the NBA?

      Oh, I get it now. Loyalty only matters when it lines up with your personal agenda as a fan. Get out of here! I hope Granger drops 30 when he goes back to Bankers Life.

  • Jack Wright

    we deserve zero loyalty from granger after what we did to him last season. how do people not understand that

  • Marcello

    I feel like he’s going to have a comeback year!
    But Man he take less money than Cope, if at least Lavoy doesn’t turn out productive for us, that trade was a terrible mistake!

    • Derek U

      I guarantee you he wouldn’t have taken that money to stay with the pacers had we not traded him.

      • Marcello

        we’ll never know, but yeah I totally see your point!
        2.2 M a year means that

        1) he feels done as a player
        2) he’s all in for the ring with the Miami Maphia (this hurt a little bit)

  • Derek U

    to burn my #33 jersey, or not to burn it.. That is the question.

    • poot

      piss on it, then burn it.
      there will only be one #33, and that is the Legend. the rest can eat lebron’s floppy

      • Jack Wright

        screw larry bird