Apr 16, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA;Indiana Pacers forward Lavoy Allen (5) shoots a jump shot as the Indiana Pacers beat the Orlando Magic 101-86 at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Lavoy Allen Agrees To Re Sign With Pacers

The Indiana Pacers reached an agreement with forward Lavoy Allen on a one-year contract. Terms of the deal have not surfaced. The re signing gives the Pacers an extra rotational big in case of injury or foul trouble.

Quotes from his agent(Indy Star):

“He went home and contemplated the situation and then we reached an agreement,” Allen’s agent Andy Miller said. “He’s excited about the opportunity to come back and have a full summer and preseason and to get acclimated and integrated into Frank’s system, be a Pacer this year and hopefully contribute to their success as a team.”

“He’s getting married and going on his honeymoon. Then, it’s back in Indiana in August and (he) will be training with the team,” Miller said. “When he came in midseason, it was very difficult to get integrated into the inner fibers of the organization in terms of their system.

“Now he has familiarity and now he can get from a foundational standpoint involved and with it not being as intense it was at the midpoint of the season,” Miller continued. “It gives him a chance to get familiarized with the coaching staff and the system at a different point of the season.”

In 14 games with the Pacers, Allen averaged 2.9 points and 2.4 rebounds over eight minutes per game.

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  • Slap Dog Hoops

    It’s ridiculous seeing Larry Bird signing small change players such as CJ Miles and Allen and won’t poney up to give Lance Stephenson the contract he deserves. Stepheson was arguably the best player on that team–he led the Pacers in Assists along with leading the league in triple doubles last season. To short change him with that offer was insulting considering that much of the Pacers’ success last season had to do with his breakout play.

    People forget about that stuff and focus on his comical antics in the Conference Finals, but that does not show the complete picture. I think thiink a team like the atlanta Hawks should make a play for him. If not, maybe the Phoenix Suns or Dallas Mavericks should try at taking Stephenson away, because neither the Pacers, their fans or Larry Bird deserve him.

    • Earl Malmsteen

      so who exactly has offered Lance a better deal?

      • wesmont

        I haven’t seen much of Lavoy but what I have seen tells me he can contribute in a variety of ways.He can back up at center and play instead of Scola.Love this move and I think it helps get Lance signed by making it OK to move Scola.

      • Slap Dog Hoops

        Hmmm, lets see . . . CHI, MIA, DAL, PHX, SAC, CLE, LAL, HOU, CHA . . . Any of those team can offer Lance the money he deserves on the whole Lebron/Melodrama dies down. Bird will then lose a potential AllStar for trying to short change him.

    • Brandon Burton

      1) The Pacers, even without those signings could probably only offer Stephenson between 500k and 700k {depending on what what the tax line ends up being} (which is essentially like giving someone $1.15 instead of giving them $1.00) more per year than the 5 years and 44 million they offered since Herb Simon won’t go into the luxury tax.
      2) Stephenson was maybe our third best player behind West and George, possibly even fourth if Hibbert’s season didn’t go down the drain the way it did.
      3) Fans of an team (nor the owner/front office) never “deserve” or “don’t deserve” players; that is a ridiculous argument; did the Heat “deserve” LeBron, or the Knicks Melo, or the Nets Garnett and Pierce, or even the Pacers Paul George? No, it was business (i.e. $ signs), quality of life, and/or team quality that lead those players to those teams. None of them sat around and thought, “I’m (not) going here because these fans/front office workers deserve (don’t deserve) me.”
      4) Only the Hawks out of those three even need a two guard anyway.