“Tough” Free Agent Market for Lance Stephenson So Far

There hasn´t been a lot of teams willing to blow away Lance Stephenson with an offer so far, according to NBA super reporter Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

¨Tough … free agent market for Lance Stephenson, little leverage on Pacers to be found,¨tweeted Woj.

This is in line with some reports and scenarios laid out a few weeks ago by Zach Lowe of Grantland. It always seemed like the most likely outcome would be Stephenson landing back in Indiana.

Some big contracts (for Marcin Gortat, Avery Bradley, and Jodie Meeks) initially made it seem as if some team would inevitably go big to get Lance. And a bunch of smaller moves (signing Damjem Rudez and Shayne Whittington) and rumored interest (in C.J. Miles) have made some fans start to worry that the Pacers would miss out.

But by making a five-year offer and guaranteeing $44 million, the Pacers have set the market. And if there is nobody out there excited to move the needle — especially if teams like the Bulls and Lakers are waiting on such ¨smaller¨ ideas until after LeBron and Melo make their decisions — then the Pacers might be able to bring Lance back even at this seemingly low sum.

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  • Derek U

    Don’t pull a Pierre Garcon Lance! Just sign the damn contract! You’re still making more than George, that’s all that matters.

    • wangkon936

      Lakers are gonna take him. Just you watch… muwahahaha!

  • llcoolray3000

    Waiting for Portland to offer a max contract just to be jerks.

    • CreamCrimson

      He’s Unrestricted so have at it. The Pacers deal was fair given some of his baggage. I predicted 8 mil/yr and his deal would start @ 9 mil. Stay firm Larry. The backup plan is use the money to load the bench. Honestly they could have made a run at Kyle Lowrie and move Hill. More offense and addresses the PG situation.

      I can still see Lance signing that deal unless a team sweeps in. I would be very hesitant to throw 12+ million at him which is what it would take it appears.

      Let’s all remind Portland about the time they drafted Greg Oden.

      • Jack Wright

        what baggage.
        i’m glad you’re not in charge. actually it looks like you may as well be

      • llcoolray3000

        I was mostly referencing Portland offering Hibbert a max contract just so the Pacers would have to do the same.

  • Robert T. Ives

    I don’t think it is a low sum, and if Lance thinks so he should offer to sign for two years at slightly less. If he wants a big payday, he can prove it.