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Paul George Makes Third Team All-NBA, $7 Million

I wish I lived the type of life where I could wake up, read a tweet, and learn that I just made $6.8 million. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that will ever happen, I’m afraid.

That could be how Paul George started his day though. My guess is that he got the info in a text or in a phone call, but regardless of the delivery method, he today learned that he made third team All-NBA, and thus his salary next year will be 27% of the salary cap*. Had he not made an All-NBA team this season, his max would only make 25% of the cap, but the honor gives him a bump of roughly $1.2 million next year and some $6.8 million over the life of his five-year deal.

The salary bonus comes as a result of “The Derrick Rose” rule, which allows teams to designate just one player on their roster for a 5-year contract extension. Then, if that player either (a) wins one MVP award, (b) is twice voted as an All-Star Game starter, or (c) twice is named to an All-NBA team, he is eligible to see his salary jump from 25% of the cap to 30% of the cap. However, the 30% isn’t automatic; the team and player negotiate it. And as first reported by Zach Lowe of Grantland, the Pacers and PG settled on 27%. (He probably took less in exchange for the final-year player option that his contract includes.)

Got it?

Regardless, the relevant thing is that Paul George’s salary for next year just increased by $1.2 million, and this leaves Indiana a little less space below the luxury tax threshold. And that will make it a bit more difficult to re-sign Lance Stephenson this summer or find an acceptable replacement should he leave in free agency.

Specifically, this puts the maximum starting salary available for Lance at probably around $6.5 million, provided the don’t clear any space. They do have ways to make room, however. That figure could increase to about $8.5 million, for example, if they release Luis Scola, whose salary for next year is only partially guaranteed.

As for the All-NBA honor itself, which is voted on by media members at the end of the regular season, ere are the final results.

First Team
LeBron James
Kevin Durant
Joakim Noah
James Harden
Chris Paul

Second Team
Blake Griffin
Kevin Love
Dwight Howard
Stephen Curry
Tony Parker

Third Team
Paul George
LaMarcus Aldridge
Al Jefferson
Goran Dragic
Damian Lillard


* It isn’t 27% of the actual salary cap. For individual salary calculation purposes, the collective bargaining agreement uses a smaller figure, which I believe equates to something around 42% of “basketball-related income.” And max salaries are tied to that number. I’m not exactly sure why. It’s all very convoluted.

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  • Tenacious D.

    PG should be second team and Dwight Howard on third. There’s no way an underperforming Rockets team should have guys in the first two teams before PG makes the list. Blake Griffin should be first team and CP3 on second team. KLove should be first team and Noah on second. The NBA is such a popularity contest.

    • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

      You realize they have to vote for two guards, two forwards, and a center, right? Paul George isn’t competing with either Harden or Howard. Love and Noah aren’t competing. Griffin and Paul aren’t competing.

      • AMF1322

        Griffin and Paul ARE competing because they’re both fowards. I’m angry because Kevin Love didn’t play (in my opinion) a better season than Paul. It’s true that he cooled off, but Kevin Love hasn’t even learn a little bit in how to play defense in the post. He’s a softer version of Chris Bosh (with better 3pt shooting (MAYBE)). And he DIDN’T lead a team to not even being close to make the playoffs.
        However, I would have understood if Aldridge had entered in the second team and Paul not. But Love instead of PG? Not great judgement in my opinion.

        • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

          Paul as in Chris Paul, the one that he said should be flipped with Griffin.

          I’m not sure how you can be ok with Aldridge hypothetically being ahead of Love unless you are conflating team success with individual performance. Love averaged more rebounds, assists, and points than Aldridge with a much higher offensive efficiency.

          In fact, Love nearly doubled up Aldridge on EWA and had the third highest PER in the NBA.

          Comparing Love to George… Love had a higher assist rate, higher true shooting percentage, higher rebounding rate, higher usage rate, lower turnover rate, and blew George away in just about every “comprehensive” metric including RPM which adjusts for defensive impact. George is obviously the superior defender, but Love pretty clearly does enough other things to outweigh that.

          The Timberwolves were very good with Love on the floor this year, and they were absolutely abysmal with him on the bench. Point being that Love played winning basketball but was on a team that couldn’t survive the 10 minutes each night that he had to sit down. His team’s record shouldn’t be held against him.

      • Tenacious D.

        I see what you’re saying. I forgot about that. But, I do agree with you on Love vs. PG and Aldridge. PG is good (and Aldridge, too), but Love is a top 10 player every night.

  • Jack Wright

    James Harden as all-first team is cracking me up.

    • thechamp5400

      WHERE THE ACTUAL F*** IS WADE? (sorry for capslock)

  • Anonymous

    I thought the Pacers could go over the salary cap signing Lance since he’s a bird player (played at least 3 years with us)?

  • Jack Wright

    Point guards I’d rather have than Chris Paul: Tony Parker, Damian Lillard, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose (healthy), Mike Conley, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, Russell Westbrook, Goran Dragic, Lance Stephenson

    hahah i’m not a fan of CP3