Lance Stephenson Tries To Get Under LeBron’s Skin, Blows In His Ear

Lance Stephenson has tried everything to get under LeBron James’ skin. First, it was the trash talk. James went on to give the Indiana Pacers a taste of their own medicine in Game 4. In Game 5 on Wednesday night, Stephenson tried another tactic against James by blowing in his ear.

For James, all he could do was laugh:

Of course, Stephenson tried this exact same tactic last year in the Eastern Conference Finals, blowing in LeBron’s ear:

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  • Eric Payne

    What’s the difference between blowing in someone’s ear and untying someone’s shoe.. Jr.Smith got fined for that, WHY not Stephenson?

    • h3d

      Untying a shoe in a game where people run around is pretty dangerous. You can’t make the same case for blowing in the direction of someone’s ear.

  • Eric Payne

    Horse play is horse play no matter how you look at it.. You get paid to play the game of basketball..

    • h3d

      They get paid because people buy tickets; they are entertainers that just happen to play a competitive game. Man, I’d hate to have you as an owner. No smiling. No laughing. No clapping. No jawing. No competitive banter. Seig Heil, Eric Payne, seig heil.

  • Tenacious D.

    Let the players have some fun and show some flair like in the old ABA days. Look at what Rodman did for years. He makes Lance look like nothing more than a naughty schoolboy.