Paul George on Game 4: “I Thought We Outplayed Them Tonight”

In lieu of flowers, here is a LeBron facial expression.

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  • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

    Miami hit more shots than Indiana in game 1. If you keep fouling to prevent high percentage shots, then of course the other team won’t hit as many shots. But you’ll see it at the line….

  • Special K

    I think PG’s concussion is making him think this was Game 1.

  • Brandon Burton

    If the Pacers weren’t constantly called for ridiculously ticky-tack fouls all game, they would’ve at least had a shot at the end of the game. That is undeniable; the Pacers shot a high percentage and took care of the ball after the first quarter, but, every time they made a push, the Heat would get handed FTs for “fouls” that had the same impact as a fly on their arm would. Meanwhile, the Pacers couldn’t draw a call to save their lives; just look at George Hill’s drive in the fourth where he got absolutely clobbered and the refs didn’t call anything. It happened in game 3 to a lesser extent, as well. I don’t usually complain about these things, but the officials have been crazily biased in Miami’s favor over the last two games.

  • Ian

    I’m embarrassed for Paul that he made these comments. While I agree the officiating was bad and that the early foul trouble on Lance and Roy really hurt the Pacers, that doesn’t make the game a blowout on its own. the constant defensive breakdowns and inconsistent effort on the boards, as well as mystifying pass choices killed them in this game.

    Lets remember that the FT disparity was the other way around in Game 1 and the Heat didn’t blame the officials.

  • Syreeta McNeal

    Someone needs to do a Concussion protocol on Paul George AGAIN. When you are down the whole game, you can’t look at the box score when the Pacers made a run late to understand what happened. Vogel is confused. Pacers star, Paul George, is completely concussed and confused. Stephenson is trying for showtime, but is young and inexperienced. George Hill (and if the rumors of what he did to Hibberts gilfriend/fiance) along with his pathetic play at point guard should be fired and removed from the team. David West is clueless and does not know how to post up against Rashard Lewis (someone needs to explain that). They should have never let Brian Shaw go as coach. Shaw, not Vogel, was the true Pacers coach and when obstacles come would have rallied the Pacers. Shaw would have explained to the Pacers that the trades by Bird would make them better. Shaw would have had George understand his role as the star of the team and play to his potential like he did last year.