May 20, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) guards Indiana Pacers forward Paul George (24) in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George Hit a Deep 3 Right Before Getting Concussed Then Played Poorly After

With 7:18 remaining, Paul George buried a 29-foot 3-pointer with the shot clock running out. This put the Pacers up by 4, and was yet another encouraging sign — after some free throws and an assist on a George Hill triple — that Indiana’s star might be ready to shake off a bad shooting game and finish strong. (video via CBS Sports)

About 30 seconds later, however, George and Dwyane Wade both fell going for a loose ball, and George suffered a concussion after Wade’s knee and then his foot smacked him in the head. There was a stoppage and, according to the Pacers, George showed no signs of being concussed.

After the game, however, he said that he “blacked out” and played the final 6:49 “blurry.”

He wouldn’t take another field goal in the game, scoring just 1 more point from the line (where he went 1-of-2). He committed a turnover, though it was a nice defensive deflection on a pass from George to a roll man that didn’t look any worse than many others he has thrown pre-concussion in this playoffs.

On the other end, however, he was not his regular defensively sound self.

He foolishly helped off LeBron James to aid George Hill, who was defending Wade (well) in the post, and got burnt by a James 3 when Wade kicked out and PG couldn’t recover to contest properly.

Even worse was his decision making on LeBron’s next hoop. After getting deterred by a screen, George deciding to jump a passing lane on a James ball fake, which left LeBron wide open 15 feet from the hoop. James, who had picked up his dribble, merely orchestrated a quick give-and-go for an uncontested layup.

Not long after, he lost James on simple screen during an rudimentary out-of-bounds play, and LeBron made an open jumper.

How much did George’s head trauma have to do with his defensive lapses and inability to score? It’s impossible to know. He had shot 3-for-15 (20%) for the game prior to hitting the deep 3 that put Indiana up 4.

But we do know one thing: One of the best defensive wings in the NBA certainly wasn’t making good decisions late, as Miami made 7 of its last 10 shots to turn a 4-point deficit into a 4-point win.

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  • poot

    yeah PG hit 3 of his last 4 shots at that point, and made 2 FTs. He was just heating up. what a perfect time to injure him…

    and yes, he played worse with a concussion. two bad passes (one too long for Hibbert, one too short for West), making only 1 of 2 FTs, and 3 bad gambles on defense. You mention the inbounds play but that was not PG’s fault, it was a moving screen on Cole, but regardless of that, another Pacer should have rotated over to help on Lebron.

    Lots of morons out there (see: disquz_atlahsdsa4t23 guy who is trolling this board) who think that the Heat’s defense stopped the Pacers, saying stupid things like “they missed wide open shots because the passes werent perfect so they had to adjust more.” the Pacers offense was just fine, it was the defense, mainly led by PG’s gambles. Does having a concussion make you want to try to steal the ball more? Does it make you less confident in a conservative defensive approach? If he would have just stayed true to the Pacers defensive philosophy it would have been a much different game. Sure Wade still might have hit that twisting leaner with two guys on him, or that pull up 15 footer with Lance in his face. but at least there would have been no layups.

    It’s sad that this is what the Heat have to resort to in order to win. injuring the other team’s best player. way to go heat fans, you have a really great team there.

  • poot

    and i must add: the biggest play of the game was when Lebron raked George Hills arm from the bicep down the forearm as Hill attempted a 3. NEVER touching the ball until it was already out of Hills hand.

    This would have been 3 free throws for the Pacers. Instead, Hill looked at the ref in disbelief as Lebron and Wade played on for a fast break dunk. a 5 point swing.
    to further exasperate this, Hill later anticipated an inbound pass to Cole perfectly, swiping nothing but the ball off of Cole and out of bounds. a foul was called. it could not be reviewed (though it could have been if the initial call was correct, out of bounds, on either player)

    so the same play, called wrong twice. first in favor of the Heat (+5 for them) and again in favor of the Heat (would have been Pacers ball with ~1 minute to play in a 4 pt game)

    so it could be looked at as a 9 point swing. just for bad officiating. worst call of the game, made twice.
    Pacers won this game, but were cHeat’d. I’ve heard many people say they would not watch 1 minute of a Pacers/Spurs finals. you think the NBA hasnt heard that too? Joey Crawford anyone?


    Dick thinks that the pacers will keep it close enough for you to be safe taking the pacers with the points and ihe will tel you why here!!