Lance Stephenson Fined $5,000 for Egregious Flop in Game 2

The NBA fined Lance Stephenson $5,000 for flopping. The incident in question is the video above, and when I say “in question,” I mean “hahaha … look at this guy pretend something happened that didn’t and then lie down for a nap.” The photo above, courtesy of Sports Nation, sums up the consensus view of Lance’s antics. He was out there clowning around.

Stephenson is now the first guy to get a fine for flopping in the 2014 playoffs. He also got fined once during season (after first receiving a warning), and got fined $5,000 for a flop last postseason as well. As all Pacers’ fans know, he is a serial offender.

Still, people are wondering why Lance got fined but LeBron did not.

Below, you can see James taking a dive after some minor contact from David West.

LeBron recently compared West to Zeus, and while a lightning-bolt heaving god of gods may have the raw power send a mere King like James flying like this, I don’t think West does. Worse than the flop itself was that the refs whistled West for his third foul in the first half, which prompted Frank Vogel to take him out in favor of the increasingly awful Luis Scola.

Still, the angle on this Vine isn’t the best, and there may be more additional contact than we’re seeing. There certainly is some contact, so the foul may have been light and called unnecesarily, but James didn’t completely conjure it out of thin air. He exaggerated and acted, for sure, but — generally — the NBA has looked to punish players who try to fool officials when no contact occurred more so than punishing over-reactors.

Plus, the NBA is obviously not being super strict about levying flopping fines in the postseason. We’re into the Conference Finals and nobody had received a fine until Lance. So it’s altogether possible that — had Stephenson not been so dramatic and taken a snooze on the floor to show up the refs — he wouldn’t have had his pockets lightened either.

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  • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

    There was actually contact in the James/West play. It can be difficult to tell when someone gets caught off balance or the impact combines with the player trying to head the same direction to make it look like a flop. The point stands that West and LeBron made contact. For example, LeBron had to plant his left foot inside the out of bounds line. To take the bump without falling down may have required setting his foot six inches further out, which he did not have the luxury of doing.

    Lance was a different situation entirely. He falsely acted like he got shot when there was LITERALLY no impact.

    • poot

      why are you here? the only perspective you have is “the heat are perfect and everyone else is flawed. therefore the heat win.” and nobody here agrees with you. do you think you are going to convince ANYONE on the Pacers board that Lance flopped while Lebron was bumped and fell because he did not have space to catch his balance?

      please. tell us again that Lebron doesnt flop. I want you to say it. Tell us Lebron is not a flopper.


      you are pathetic. go get a life and stop trolling. nobody wants to hear you play devil’s advocate to the Heat. Wade is scum, Lebron is a flopper, Bosh is soft, and everyone else on that team is washed up or D-league fodder. the heat play in the finals for the same reason they are on TV every single week during the regular season. $$$$$

      if you believe anything else, you are ONLY fooling yourself.

      • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

        I didn’t even say that LeBron didn’t exaggerate the contact. I said that it was a different situation from the league’s perspective with respect to levying a fine, so I deny that there was any inconsistency from the league.

        James has flopped. Wade has made some dirty plays in his career. I just think the league didn’t have sufficient reason to fine James, and I didn’t think that Wade was intentionally going after George’s head.

        I’m not sure why that makes me a troll. Oh, and just for the record I was telling Heat fans that they were ridiculous for complaining about the free throw disparity in game 1…. the Heat fans were accusing me of being a Pacers fan and troll.

        If you really think that the league is manipulating results to get big markets to succeed, then how do you account for Cleveland winning the draft 3 out of 4 years and three of the leagues smaller markets (SA, OKC, and Indiana) making the conference finals?

        You don’t have to agree with me. I enjoy discussing this sort of thing with people that have a reasoning beyond “you’re a troll”