LeBron is looking for #2

Why Going Up 2-0 Would Be Huge for Indiana

They say a series doesn’t start until a team loses at home. Well, it’s a cool saying, but we also know that, when a team goes up 2-0, it also means the series is pretty much over.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, teams that go up 2-0 in a 7-game series win 94% of the team.

It’s an overwhelming stat.

My guess is that almost all of the 6% is comprised of teams that fell down 2-0 before heading home for Game 3. Also: Most of that 94% didn’t include LeBron James, and he can singlehandedly win a series, right?

Well, so far in his career, LeBron has found himself in a 2-0 hole four times, according to ESPN Stats & Info. He’s lost three of those series.

These all came while he was playing for the Cavaliers though. Miami hasn’t trailed 2-0 in a series since James, and Chris Bosh, joined Dwyane Wade in Miami. Since then, the Heat are also 11-1 in all their series, only losing to the Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals.

So perhaps numbers, as overwhelming as they are, don’t apply to the Heat?

Still, being on the side of the 94% would be a nice omen for the Pacers.

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