David West Tells Paul George to Knock Off the Nonsense

For the second time in Game 6, Paul George threw a nonchalant, awful behind-the-back pass. This second one was particularly egregious, leading to the unacceptable “home run” turnovers that David West said were a big part of the Pacers’ downfall in Game 5.

So what happened next?

As you can see above, David West nearly sent the five-year-max-contract, All-NBA guy to bed without supper. Yup. Paul George getting Mario Chalmers’ed out here on national television.

Now, West has the leadership role on this team and the general status within our agreed-upon civilization to talk like this to whomever he choses. But in a third quarter in which he scored 10 points and grabbed 4 points, he was more than in the right to speak up here to give some criticism that was more than warranted.

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  • Syreeta McNeal

    When David West shows his leadership like he did with this video to Paul George, then the Pacers will be on solid footing. What happens at times is West does not want to hurt feelings. George goes DUMB at times. Stephenson goes DUMB at times. Hill, let us not even talk about how incognito he is, at times. Hibbert goes into his empty feeling. West has to be what Brian Shaw was before he left, THE BAD COP to get these talented people to play at their best. To beat the heat, they can’t worry about the hype. They need to play like they belong their and they do. Bird knew what he was doing. If Vogel can coach the pieces and be willing to play Copeland at times, they can BEAT THE HEAT. Pacers need to work to impose their will and show they belong.

  • Derek U

    I loved that he did this with over a 10 point lead.. Don’t ever get comfortable, keep clawing and keep mistakes minimal. Having West has been beneficial for this young squad..

    Now, if only he’d develop a steady 3 point shot, he can have a few more years in this league of being ultra productive.

  • Kristopher Farley

    You should proofread the stories before posting