May 11, 2014; Washington, DC, USA; Indiana Pacers forward Luis Scola (4) celebrates with forward Paul George (24) after George

Washington Is No Longer a Democracy, King George Reconquers The Colonies

Insert any hyperbole you want. Paul George was King George in Game 4. King Michael. King James(sorry). He scored 39 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and picked off two passes. He was 12-of-20 from the field and got to the free throw line ten times. That’s a healthy amount. He made eight. George also turned into Reggie Miller, hitting 7-of-10 from beyond the arc. He made five above the break and two in the corner. Shot chart below.

Screenshot 2014-05-11 22.47.19

Paul George’s last three games from the field were not good. He shot 23 percent in Game 1, 38 percent in Game 2 and 40 percent in Game 3. Ariza and company have stifled his three-point looks and dribbling space, but not in Game 4. From ESPN Stats & Information: Paul George is the first Pacers player with 35 points in playoff game since Anthony Johnson against Nets in 2006. Anthony Johnson? You’re talking about the guy that was a backup on the Orlando Magic in 2009? Wow.

Did I mention his three-point shooting? George is now 29-of-69 from the three-point line during the playoffs. 42 percent. That’s precision.

The Pacers are one game from the Conference Finals. Funny how that sounds now. George’s highlights below.

Credit: Thank you /r/nba/ for the headline inspiration. 


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  • Joe Betz

    Scola is hugging George for changing the story to “PG Dominates” instead of “Bench Scores 2 Points in Close Loss.” Have to be better. I understand part of this is a result of bench players getting fewer minutes, but 90% of it is the bench missing decent looks. Similar trend from last season, but this year the talent is better, so I’m expecting a decent comeback from the bench next game.