Paul George and John Salmons Jaw, David West Thinks Yall Hilarious

This little exchange happened late in the third quarter of the Pacers/Raptors game tonight after Paul George took umbrage to a light shove from John Salmons. The two wings squared off in a scowl, jawing contest for a bit before David West stepped in.

Cooler heads prevailed (with PG and Salmons getting a technical foul apiece), but Chuck Hayes still wanted to get involved in a small way.

Which West thought was hilarious.

C’mon, Chuck.

Yall don’t want it.


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  • jeff

    Too bad for the pacers.. raptors have their number.. chuck Hayes and David west would be a fight id like to see

    • Nate Kenny

      Yeah what makes you think Hayes would stand a chance again West lol.

  • Brenn Bell

    Jeff you may want to see it but I strongly think Hayes may regret any confrontation with West!!!!!

    • Jack Wright

      ohh yeah