Paul George Takes His Worst Shot of the Season, Makes It

This is colossal stupidity on full display. And what happens?

Indiana gets three point.

Way to go, Paul George. Way to pay attention to the shot clock and just generally understand how basketball works at the professional level.

In his defense, the shot-clock operator missed the ball hitting the rim momentarily. So PG thought the clock was on the verge of expiring. So no reason to chastise George here. Still, it’s more fun that way.

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  • Jack Wright

    I don’t get it.. If anything it’s good he was paying attention, right? Actually I think it’s these types of things that need to happen to help put some spirit in this team. Such as Lance going off like a superhero in the 2nd quarter. Lance is what makes us awesome (or potentially) and not just pretty good. Couldn’t get going in the 2nd half though.

  • Josh Baker

    How in the world is this stupid? The ball gets to his hands at 2.5 and he looks at the clock. He’s in his shooting motion by the time it resets. Is he supposed to stare at the clock the entire possession? Is he supposed to look at the clock instead of the rim when he’s shooting? How could he possibly know that the shot clock operator would chose his wind-up to start being competent? Sorry, Jared, but this is a crap thing to call PG out for. Call him out for the contested mid-range jumpers early in the shot clock. Call him out for looking for a foul instead of going hard to the hoop. But not for this. This is entirely on someone else, and fortunately it worked in the Pacers favor.

    • David Searle

      There is a long history of NBA players – knowing the ball clearly hit the rim – holding the ball as the shot clock expires erroneously. The refs will blow the play dead, confer, reset the shot clock, and add a few ticks back on to the game clock. The smart thing to do was to hold on to it. Still, this is highly defensible on PG’s part (especially with Hibbert, the guy who shot the ball, urging Geroge to shoot), and Mr. Wade says as much at the end of the post.

      • Josh Baker

        I saw the caveat, I just chose to give more weight to the “worst shot,” “colossal stupidity,” and snark about “paying attention” parts of the post.

        • Jared Wade

          Jokes. We make them.

      • Jack Wright

        I see what you’re saying but in reality it was the smartest decision possible. If he had missed, the refs would’ve stopped play anyway and given us the ball out of bounds. So it gave him a freebie attempt at 3 pts. And he nailed that shit.

        • David Searle

          Hmmm… Interesting. I think there is a chance that the refs don’t blow the whistle if it hits rim. The dead ball would force them to make a decision. Still, that’s a good point.

  • Tim

    I know the shot clock operator messed up, but it’s still pretty dumb. He just saw the ball bounce off the rim multiple times, and should know he wouldn’t be at all to blame if the buzzer did sound.

    But my main take-away from this is that he retains his usual form despite the range, that’s pretty cool I think. Lots of players tend to heave from out there, this just looks pretty.

    • Jk31

      Well everybody who plays basketball themselves would support Georges decision there. In my league we have so many bad referees and people on the shot clock don’t know what they’re doing is the normality. My coach always says: If the ref hasn’t blown the whistle (or in this case the shot clock operator hasn’t reset the clock) then keep on playing. That’s what PG did.

    • Jack Wright

      I see both sides for sure. But if you notice, when he got the ball at the top, he immediately motioned his hand to settle down the team. He’d assumed the clock had reset. Then he glanced at it, saw it at 2 seconds, and shot it. Feel like it was more instinctive than anything else.

  • Josh

    I seem to remember a playoff game last year where the shot clock was supposed to be reset and it ended up a turnover anyway. Kudos to PG for playing through it.