Miller Time Podcast Episode #57: Group Therapy

Jon and Flava Dave dwell on their concerns for the Pacers after a tumultuous weekend of losses. They vent about Paul George’s absent shooting stroke, Roy’s inefficient offensive decision making, bemoan the loss of Lance’s fast break skills, end the honeymoon with Frank Vogel and more. They also give a new nickname to David West, toast the ageless Spurs and take a spin on “The Wheel of Suck.”

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Tags: Indiana Pacers

  • Ian

    A few notes:
    Evan Turner is not a good NBA player. He’s always had the ‘potential’ tag, but he has a career PER of about 12 which is way below average. Admittedly he’s been even worse for the Pacers. But he’s never been good.

    Green and Plumlee are both around 15 PER on a very high energy offense that creates lots of open looks. So while they’ve ‘thrived’, it just means they’ve been average.

    Augustin is shooting lights out from 3 on more attempts than ever during his career. While he’s been effective, he’s not as good as his stats.

    Of course right now the Pacers would LOVE to have a bunch of ‘average’ players coming off their bench right now. but lets not get too excited about what these guys are doing

  • Ian

    Also, wasn’t it just a week ago or so the Pacers ran out the whole second unit and they played pretty well together? If the starters, together, play the best, then why not stop trying to mix and match. It can’t hurt at this point. Play the starters for 32-34 minutes together, and play the bench for the other 14-16.

  • Ian

    Podcast cut out at 1:04. My thoughts on the Spurs game, %50 the Spurs annihilate them by like 30 points, %40 the Pacers show up and it’s a close, hard fought game (toss up who wins), %10 the Spurs have a letdown on the road and the Pacers pull away late.