Dec 7, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) and San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) battle for rebounding position during the first half at AT

Game Preview: Indiana Pacers Host San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs (57-16) at Indiana Pacers (52-22)

Location: Bankers Life Fieldhouse — Indianapolis, IN
Tip: 7:00 p.m. ET 
Television: Fox Sports Indiana
Line: SAS -4.5


The Indiana Pacers can expect to get a taste of what it’s like to be dominated on their home floor tonight as they host the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs are the hottest team in the NBA — and it isn’t even close. They have won 17 straight games, and one more win would give them a franchise-best 18-game winning streak. Head coach Gregg Popovich has already marched his team past 55 wins, and a 60th win is easily within reach.

San Antonio has simply slammed on the gas of late. They have poured an offensive explosion upon their opposition without even a thought.

In early December, when the Indiana Pacers were playing their best basketball of the season, they stomped the Spurs in San Antonio, 111-100. Indiana played a near-perfect game offensively in that one, shooting 54% for the game and 47% (9-for-19) from beyond the 3-point arc.

The Pacers also cashed in on 26-of-28 free-throw attempts.

Before anyone knew it, the final buzzer sounded, and Indiana fled San Antonio with its first win at the AT&T Center in years.

Well, haven’t the tables turned since then.

While the Spurs continue their dominant march, the Pacers are struggling to score more than 80 points in a game. The offense is entirely out of sync, the shot opportunities are contested and — more often than not — result in a missed field goal.

Turnovers are aplenty with the blue and gold, and following each loss we see a group of guys with their heads hanging low and an lack of words to explain their poor play.

Maybe it’s the month of March. The possibility exists that Indy can still turn things around; a win tonight would speak volumes about the Pacers. However, it seems far too steep a task for a team that’s hit a brick wall.

Prediction: In a game with a 7:00 p.m. tip, this one could be ugly by 7:30. No contest tonight as San Antonio whips Indiana, 107-85.

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  • Special K

    Wild prediction based on the first quarter – /game /2 seed /season. Done, done and done. Sorry for the gloom, but there’s not a lot to look forward to with the Pacers right now.

  • achoo

    getting sick of the Pacers…

    i dont get what is with this team. first of all, are we really planning on giving guys like Rasual Butler and Donald Sloan ANY non-garbage time in the post-season???? Seriously. I mean I can see the Pacers using Cope, and running ET at the point. and yet, instead of getting valuable game experience, we’re bringing in scrubs like Butler. I get that Butler is a nice team guy, that’s why you award him with garbage minutes. There is no reason he should be playing in the second quarter against a good team. Same with Sloan.
    And on that same line, why is Cope not playing more? His defense isn’t there yet? so what? How do you think it will get there? by being a “secret weapon” in the playoffs??? Come on. Why the hell did we sign this guy? We all knew he was a great shooter with no defense. can that really be what is keeping him off the floor? why would you sign a guy you don’t intend on playing? Keeping him from the Knicks? smart one Larry…
    and in general, why is the bench not playing more? There is no reason any starter should be playing over 35 min this late in the season. Should all be under 30. I get if you are fighting for the #1 spot, but if you’re losing every game, to shitty shitty teams you were blowing the fuck out of the water in December, then why not just let the bench get some experience? “wow we are only down 19 to the Cavs early in the 4th. let’s push the starters extra hard to try to lose by 12.” really??? play the fucking bench. give them some confidence. Scola looks pathetic because he is getting no run. he was supposed to ease the minutes of DWest, and sub for him late in the season. Especially now with Allen as a backup. instead, he comes in, misses a shot, and is yanked. What the hell? A huge asset is being treated like a liability. If you’re not going to let Scola get a rhythm, then what are your expectations of him? defense? Come on. makes me wish plumlee was still on the team (just kidding. but only halfway.)

    also Pelton recently outlined why the Pacers suck: Roy can’t establish post position and takes “paint shots” like hooks from 10+ feet out. DWest basically only shoots off balance 18 footers off. PG has stopped going to the rim (except against Miami) and has fallen in love with “Kobe shots”, those pull ups and leaners which are extremely inefficient. ok mix them in with your dunks and 3s, but limit them. Hill and Lance are liabilities unless they are driving, and the defense has been taking that away, or more so the offense has been taking that away by always having two guys in the paint.
    Maybe it’s time for a new game plan? Triangle offense anyone?

    serious. only 7 games left to turn this around. it’s not too late. but if we “stay the course” then guess what, we will go into the playoffs with a piss poor offense, horrible decision making, and a bench that has no one play more than 10 minutes per game. in other words, WORSE than last year.

    We;’ll still probably make the ECF because the rest of the East sucks so bad. and Miami is also much worse, to the point this awful Pacers team Could in theory stretch them to 7. but IF somehow we made the finals, it would be embarrassing, worse than the 2006 cavs. i’d rather just not and try again next year, this time with a better plan…