Reggie Miller Loses Shooting Contest to College Player

Some people think Reggie Miller is the best shooter to ever live and virtually everyone thinks he is in the conversation. So it must have been quite the thrill for University of Memphis guard Michael Dixon, Jr. to beat him in a shooting contest recently.

According to Rachel Nichols of CNN/Turner, the Pacers’ legend was goofing around with the team during its shootaround on Saturday. As he has been doing for the better part of three decades, he put on a bit of a shooting display.

Though we don’t know the details, it seems like Dixon was a bit better this day.

Nichols said the two competed in some sort of Around the World contest. I don’t know the precise rules here, but no matter what they were, it sure looks like Dixon won. Here he is making a bunch of shots, celebrating and getting a congratulatory hug from the Knick Killer himself.

I really don’t enjoy college basketball and feel a bit gross inside whenever I see these guys run around risking their health while making billions for “academic institutions” and “amateur” athletic association with no compensation. So I haven’t even bothered to watch any March Madness games this season.

Still, it is stuff like this — a young man like Dixon finding himself in a place he could have never been otherwise and earning a story he can tell forever — that does make you realize how special this is for the young players involved.

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