Miller Time Podcast Episode #48: Oh Hi, Evan Turner

Jon and Flava Dave kick-start the weekend in Pacers hoops with talk of Evan Turner’s debut, Ian Mahinmi’s  focused play and the offensive re-establishment of Roy and George Hill. Then the boys recap wins over the Lakers and Bucks and preview a Butler-tastic back-to-back in Boston and Utah. Don’t forget to listen to the end, where Flava Dave solicits feedback on a highly volatile topic.

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  • Derek Cooper

    TECHNICAL PROBLEMS__ I used to just click the ‘listen in your browser’ option and the show would play conveniently right on this page and I loved your show__ but now when I click the same thing it takes me to some ‘beanpod’ page where I can’t get your show to play. I’m like 4 shows behind and wish it would work simply like it used to.

    • David Searle

      Thank you for letting us know, Derek. When you click on the Podbean link, do you see the gray “play” arrow pointed out in this image?

      • David Searle

        Also, here is a direct link to this week’s episode in the event that you are still having problems with Podbean. Again, please let us know if you can’t see the gray arrow. Thanks.

        • Derek Cooper

          Thanks dave. The beanpod page has a green arrow play button that again didn’t work for me today. But your direct link worked well. ____would’ve been more interested in more evan turner thoughts and less of all the boner crazyness__but I do generally enjoy your usual crazy free randomness to contrast with the statistical semi-seriousness. Thanks again.

          • David Searle

            Ah yes, that. I said something that made Jon lose it, and I had to stall for time as he composed himself. On the upside, you just named my next fantasy team: “Less Boner Crazyness”. I also think “More Stats, Fewer Boners” would make an outstanding MTP T-shirt if there were enough demand for such things.