Post-Game Grades: Pacers Grind Out Another Victory over Hapless Bucks



The Good - Ummm. You mean besides Evan Turner’s very first “Smothered chicken!!!!!!” greeting from Quinn Buckner? Not really a whole lot. Roy Hibbert played well in spots, and Lance Stephenson did a few Lance things. The best news just might be that Miami didn’t find a way to trade for Brandon Knight last week – for the second consecutive matchup against Indy’s vaunted defense, the former Wildcat hit tough shot after tough shot and, along with OJ Mayo, kept the game interesting for far longer than it should have been.

The Bad - The Milwaukee Freaking Bucks spanned the first and second halves with a 15-0 run against the team with the best record in basketball.

MVP - Roy Hibbert. The Double-Nickel had a huge night against a couple of guys named Zaza and Ersan en route to his fourteenth triple-double. Hopefully, the high-five he received from Lance Stephenson at the end of the game doesn’t wreck his jump hook for the next six weeks.

LVP - David West. As the first quarter wound to a close, West seemed to be having his way with the smallish Bucks’ Power Forwards. The Xavier alum looked to be well on his way to having his second mammoth night against the Deer. Amazingly, he only scored 3 points the rest of the way while largely struggling to even make an impact on the game.

X Factor - The Pacers’ defense. While the effort seemed to be lacking at times, Indiana showed why they have one of the best defenses in NBA history while keeping the Bucks scoreless for huge stretches of game action. Ignoring the second quarter (when the Bucks went nuts for 35 points as really bad shooters connected on 5 of 7 closely-guarded shots behind the arc) and final minute of the game (3 of 3 on desperation 3-pointers), the Bucks only scored 50 points in 35 minutes of game action, good for an outstanding defensive rating of 68.5.

Interesting Wrinkle - Typically, the Pacers have sat David West midway through first quarters, opting to allow Roy Hibbert to play the opening period out and then rest for the majority of the second. Tonight, they switched things up and sat the Big Fella early before bringing him back early in the second. It may have just been a quirk, or it may have been done in hopes of shoring up the bench defense. Either way, the second quarter was a trainwreck and West never seemed to recover from the adjustment.

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  • Realist

    Great win. Booking my flights now.

  • Ian

    B+ for Lance is too much, he had some really bad stretches in the 2nd quarter that contributed to the Bucks run, though he did redeem himself down the stretch. Was it just me or was the officiating just AWFUL? My favorite was the replay on the Lance ‘foul’ with 50 seconds left. I would have loved to hear what the officials were saying during that unbearable nearly 3 minute stretch as they tried to figure out when the ‘foul’ happened but couldn’t find a foul that actually happened. Once again I feel like NBA replay rules are broken. I think if you go to replay an event, and discover that event is the result of a mistaken foul call either way, you need the leeway to change it (for another example, when trying to determine who knocked a ball out of bounds, you see that the player who knocked it out was clearly fouled on the play).

    I think Scola was better than a D+, he played hard and avoided really bad mistakes. A big part of the problem last night (and Quinn kept talking about it) was that the Pacers kept going away from the post, letting the bucks off the hook. The reason why West seemed to vanish as well.

    finally give PG credit, he shot a high percentage, had 6 assists and only 1 turnover. So even if he didn’t crack 20 he did a good job.

  • Joe Betz

    Grades a little disappointing.

    Meta-grading of grades: D+

    Scola has brought more to the table than his 17ft shot this season, and this was discussed in a previous post highlighting his solid overall defense and high rebounding rate. If he is only hitting 17ft shots with the second unit, he would be pretty useless, because he is only going to get 1-5 of those a game. Tonight, he still gets a D+ for me. One miscue with George happened because he thought PG would shoot it, not hesitation dribble jump pass it out of bounds to the place Scola was standing before crashing the glass.

    Turner’s smothered chicken elevates his grade from a D+ to a C, not to B-. He had a bad shooting night and got lost defensively several times (that corner 3 was not pretty, a shot he passed up a few times earlier in the game). Sure, good rebound numbers and assist/turnover, but his +/- was flat. C. I like what Turner is bringing to the team, though. (pouring one out for Granger).

    Any word on Hill’s injury status? It’s listed as DTD, so that’s good, but any MRI news or anything of note? Was it just a bone-to-floor, maybe bone bruise injury?

  • wesmont

    I almost never object to your comments…but calling Scola almost useless if he can’t stretch the floor is just wrong.He hustles,rebounds,tries to defend(not his strength I know),but he defends or should I say attacks the pick and rolls.He is a professional in every sense of the word and quite valuable apart from shooting.