Lance Stephenson Poses With $1 Million In Cash

Tags: Straight Cash

  • lil-bang

    Now put this at a strip club and you got Pac-man Jones, this guy worries me sometimes.

    • Scott Templin

      This was not his money. The league was doing an event showcasing how quickly money can go away and part of it involved having a million present. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who aren’t aware of this and it has caused some negative attention.

      • lil-bang

        It appears to be at the Pacers facility (or some basketball facility), so I was hoping he wasn’t that foolish. Thanks for clearing this up Scott.

      • thechamp5400

        1 million dollars can go away very quickly when you let Stephenson near it.

    • Pacers guy for life

      Why does he worry you? he’s not in your family dumb ass.