Paul George Full Highlights vs. Bucks - 32 Pts

Paul George’s post All-Star averages: 31.0 points, 6.0 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.3 steals. He’s attempting 8.3 free throws, too.

Here’s his shot chart from last night:

Screenshot 2014-02-23 09.22.36


Highlights vs. Bucks – 32 Pts">

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  • poot

    Evan Turner

    he’s better than Danny. i admittedly have only watched about 10-15 76ers games this season, but Turner has impressed.

    For those of you with league pass, check out Jan22 @NY. He guards Melo very well all game long and is huge on offense, without at all breaking up the offensive flow. He does things so naturally, which has been my biggest problem with Danny this season. Danny forces things, and especially now, when he makes a decision, he sticks with it, even if a wide open player appears in his sight he’ll still try a tough shot over two defenders. Turner seems to have this down already, is great at getting open and getting his own shot. I think a lot of the burden placed upon him as being the focal point of the opposing defense being removed will do WONDERS for him.

    He’s also hit two buzzer beating game winners this season.
    To me, the most impressive breed- down 1 point with no time left on the clock.
    vs Brooklyn and @ Boston, he did it twice already this season.
    He’s clutch, and fearless. So far, he seems to have a great attitude as well.

    I am happy with the move. I was rooting for Danny to come back at 80%, but it was obvious this season he will never be more than 50% of his old self again. And he now has the mental baggage of trying to prove everyone wrong as he did (poorly) so many times this season. Danny’s 2014 blooper reel dwarfs his 2014 highlight reel.
    Turner meanwhile has been very impressive. Inflated #s, ok, i get that. But it’s not the numbers Indiana was chasing. He will fit in better than Danny as he won’t be such a liability on D (and watch some Philly games, he guards the other team’s best guy all the time, and is not too bad at it, considering he also has to carry the offense.) Now with 0 offensive burden him, he will be a great defender, I can tell. He will fit right in, and add to the offense bit by bit. Plus he gives more versatility to the lineups as he can actually handle the ball and set up an offense, while guarding multiple positions. You can play him and Cope together for instance, it is an intriguing possibility.

    I know a lot of people think he’s not an asset, but I think he will really help. It’s sad to see Danny go, as many have said, only 5 have been with the Pacers longer. But you can’t really count this last 1.5 season as having DG, he’s been “gone” for a while, so getting Turner (and Lavoy Allen, who is actually a GOOD player) is great.

    Larry Legend has done it again.
    flipped Danny’s corpse, Gerald Green and Plumlee
    into Scola, Bynum, Turner and Allen.


    • achoo

      p00t –

      i was reading your writeup about the Pacers improving their bench this offseason and you basically summed it up like this:

      1. added Scola, Watson and Copeland
      2. addition by subtraction, got rid of Tyler Green and Plumlee
      3. added bonus, return of the Granger

      since adding Granger was just “icing on the cake” to a terrific offseason, trading him for actual talent seems like a huge coup.

      I’m stunned just reviewing the changes to the lineup from this time last season

      Tyler —> Scola
      Green —> Turner
      Agustin —> Watson
      Plumlee —> Bynum
      Young —> Copeland

      it just looks unfair. The Pacers did what? upgraded every position dramatically? how in the world is this fair? i mean sersiously, that was the second unit right there: Tyler/DJ/Young/Green. We actually played those guys in the playoffs. Now that unit becomes Scola/CJ/Turner/Bynum?
      incredible. awesome.