Pacers Trade Danny Granger

Danny Granger Paul George
According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Pacers have traded Danny Granger for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen.

Turner will be an upgrade to the bench offense as he has been averaging 17.4 points a game, six rebounds and 3.7 assists to Granger’s 8.3 points. Turner also has been more accurate shooting .428 percent to Danny’s .359.

The Pacers will sacrifice Granger’s three point shooting for Turner’s accuracy around the rim and inside the arc.



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  • camwiest

    I can’t believe they actually traded DG. Feel bad for Danny. Stuck it out all those years as a great professional and right when his team is on the cusp of a championship, he’s gone to one of the worst teams in the league.

    • James Lissaman

      ^ seconded – he always seemed extremely professional to me, and I hoped he’d get to reap the rewards.

      Having said that, it makes sense – a first hand look at Turner may be needed to see if he’s a viable option to sign if Stephenson’s pay rate is too high next year!

    • Kevin Smith

      I agree too. He was always a class act and true pro. Wished he could win a title with the Pacers but what can ya do? It’s a business.

    • llcoolray3000

      Reminds me of Edgerrin James being let go just before the Colts finally won a championship. The Colts still sent him a ring.

  • Kevin Smith

    The DG trade sounds great to me. Now, will this move allow us to re-sign Stephenson this off season?

    • Ben Gibson

      Both Turner and Allen will be RFA.

  • AMF1322

    This is really sad on one hand. Losing Granger, after all the years this team has sucked and now that the team is right there from being a Championship team, they trade him. He’s been the capitain of this team for so long. And I know he would give everything for playing against the heat. Really, really sad.

    On the other hand, great move! I thought Indiana could only aim for Stuckey, and now they get a guy 3 inches taller. I’ve already seen people (even Philly’s fans) saying that Evan is a ‘brick-layer-machine’, and that plays no D. First of all, it’s hard to be willing to play D on a team THAT bad, that had no rim protection on Hawes. Turner is explosive, big enough for SF, decent mid-range shooter. A bench unit with CJ-OJ/Butler-Turner-Scola-Bynum/Mihinmi should be able to score good numbers.

  • Realist


    • Realist

      People have such short memories. Oh well. Hopefully Turner gets us there.

  • 15points126seconds

    disappointed. i get the gamble- evan backs up the 2, is insurance if lance leaves. he’s younger, cheaper, and a restricted FA. but all that doesnt matter because he’s most likely a half season rental. basically, larry believes more in ET’s offense than in Danny’s returning this season, and isnt worried about our defense when we play turner-copeland-scola and a possibly lazy bynum together.

    • 15points126seconds

      there’s no room for sentiment in the business of basketball, but i would have loved to send DG out with a ring. dude must be hurtin, after doing/saying all the right things and working his butt off to play. He was my favorite player of the modern era, still going to wear his jersey to games. #trustlarry

      • Realist

        Mine too. He was very good for us when we… weren’t.

        He dragged those crappy teams to the 9-seed a couple teams when Dunleavy and Murphy were his second and third options, while Roy Hibbert was still learning how to run.

        He nabbed an all-star spot in 09 when we were outside the playoffs. Much harder to do than Hibbert for example who gets in by default these days cause we’re a high seed.

        And that buzzer beater 3 in Phoenix. <3

        • Realist

          Don’t get me wrong, Roy is a boss. But I heart Danny. Sigh.

      • Derek U

        Yeah, that Jersey isn’t going anywhere..

    • Jackson

      But Danny was basically a rental for the rest of the year. He would have left anyway

  • Young Doppler Radar

    The shot chart shows a lot. Danny just hasn’t played up to his standard even taking injuries into account. Looking forward for the analysis coming later.

    Until then, here’s a column on why it makes for both teams.

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  • Cardinal Nesbitt

    This is the reason I hate when fans get mad at a player who is a Free Agent like LBJ was when he left for South Beach! The front Office has been trading players for years, but now with the CBA rules, players have the same options as the team.
    Granger was the face of the Pacers in the ugly times and now that he is older and injured do to him sacrificing his own body for the sake of the Team, he is now out!
    Remember this scenario the next time a player takes his talent to whatever team he chooses!

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