VIDEO: Indiana Pacers Weekend Recap

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That could sum up the Indiana Pacers this weekend. You had that exciting and well fought Portland game. I say if that’s the NBA Finals, sign me up for seven games and let’s go all seven games.

Then we get to Orlando, home of the happiest place on Earth, Disney World. It wasn’t too happy in the Pacers’ camp after that stretch where they couldn’t score after being up 17 points. I’ll talk about in the video even with the lead, it never felt that comfortable.

The Pacers showed that it wasn’t a comfortable lead as they had some bad turnovers and they couldn’t score. I will give credit for battling back into it and even having a chance to steal the game at the end. Overall, the finish was bad for the team, and that was one of the worst stretches this team has endured.

Now we hit this week and there are two games left before the All Star break. I know we’ve hit that halfway point of the season, but really you could look at it as after the All Star break is your second half of the season. I would love to see the Pacers hit the next two games with that intensity that we’ve seen at the start of the season.

Finish strong and get some rest for that start of the ultimate playoff push. The “second half” of the season will get underway next Tuesday night, so there’s not much time off after the All Star game, but I hope the guys are going to rest up and get ready for that playoff push.

Hear more of my thoughts on all these things as we enjoy Snack Time with Stephen.

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