Miller Time Podcast Episode #43: Clutch On. Clutch Off.

Jon and Flava Dave revisit the thrilling Pacers-Blazers Part Duex, including George Hill’s career night, and diagnose apathy after a let-down loss to the Magic. They then preview Monday’s game against the ailing Nuggets and Wednesday’s matchup with the offensively potent Mavericks. All that plus Jon’s disdain for college sports, and Flava Dave’s hatred of Big Baby.

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  • poot


    THIS JUST IN…. stay tuned… LEBRON DUNKS! in practice

    take that All Star weekend, LEBRON Just proved that he doesn’t need to participate in the dunk contest to show he is the best dunker ever.

    i mean can you believe that he threw the ball off the opposite wall and caught it mid-air?
    If you can believe that, it’s probably because you (or your 6th grade neighbor kid, or that chunky dude at the gym, or anyone with any arm strength and timing) is easily able to do this after only a few tries.

    the fact that lebron can get his head above the rim simply means he is able to dunk it after doing so.

    and i use the word “simply” very literally considering one was just a tomahawk dunk (i’d say much less impressive than the “fred jones” dunk where he actually had to reach to catch it… and was 6 inches shorter).. lebron actually catches it in front of his face and cocks it back. so pretty neat lebron, nice toss and catch, but the dunk isnt dazzling anyone.
    the latter dunk was a single clutch behind the back. considering again, he caught it facing the rim, and merely allowed his moment to carry him past the basket for the backward dunk… nice toss and catch lebron.

    does he think that dunking shirtless in practice and cropping the video to just show the times he made the dunk (and his over-excited buttlicking teammates going crazy) is going to impress anyone above age 14?

    …still too scared to do it in a competition.

    • poot

      i mean come on i’m not trying to be a hater, but on a scale of 1-10, 1 being a CJ watson dunk, 10 being either of the two badass dunks PG had in the magic game, those lebron practice dunks were 6′s at best.
      PG’s in game dunks are insane. i can never believe what i just saw and replay over and over. there is no degree of disbelief with lebron’s practice dunks