Lance Stephenson Crosses Up Jordan Hamilton Six Times

This is just a mean-spirited thing to do to a person. C’mon, Lancealot. Don’t do ‘em like that.

UPDATE: Make it SIX times. Lance did something similarly dirty to Jordan Hamilton again in the second half. Which move was nicer?

(This clip features both … skip ahead halfway to see triple-cross number two. Or don’t and just watch the first one again. Because obviously.)

What did Lance think of the move.


Lance Stephenson Kick

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  • Josh Baker

    That picture is fantastic.

    • Philip Tarrant

      I’m sure I would hate him if he were on another team, but damn is it nice to have him spicing up our games here in Indiana. He brings so much energy and excitement, and all-around gets under people’s skins. He’s come so far from giving the choke signal to the Heat right before they came back to stomp our asses.

      • Derek U

        I’m sure if he could give the choke signal to ‘Bron again, he would.

        • Philip Tarrant

          Hey, LeBron is a self-professed all-time great!

          • Derek U

            sigh.. That’s my problem with Lebron. I can’t get past his narcissism.

  • Joe Betz

    Not an all-star? puh-leassee